Top Laptops Under $500

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Laptop computers might not be as popular as smartphones or tablets but they are still being purchased by consumers. A lot of people buy laptops and use them as their primary computing device. Today’s laptop computer is just as powerful as a desktop model and it offers the flexibility of a mobile device. Many higher end laptops cost well over $500 but they offer users lots of power and performance for the price. Even though this is the case consumers can purchase top laptops under $500. These machines can more than meet their computing needs.
Most people purchase laptop computers in order to surf the web, communicate on social media, play games and to watch videos. People who use their laptops for this purpose can buy the Acer Aspire AS5750. This particular laptop model has a 2.2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and 640 GB of storage space. Consumers who purchase this particular model will be able to store lots of movies and music on their device and they would be able to play some of the latest PC games without their system running too slow. This version of the Aspire is designed to replace a desktop but it still remains versatile since its a laptop. The Aspire AS5750 is priced slightly under $500 at $499.99.
The Samsung Chromebook is another highly rated laptop that cost under $500. What makes this particular laptop PC such a solid machine is its price and more importantly its value. This machine has a 1.7 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM and has 16 GB of storage space. This machine does not seem like it has much going for itself under the hood but that is not the case. The Samsung Chromebook is designed to be integrated with Google based services, it is powerful enough to handle many PC games, vidoes, music and internet activities and it is extremely lightweight which means that it can be a great tool for school or the office. The Samsung Chromebook is priced around $250.
The Apple MacBook costs $439 and it is a powerful machine that is thin and lightweight. This machine can also replace a desktop computer within a home and it can be used for portable computing activities outside of the house. The MacBook has a dual-core processor that provides users with 2.26 GHz of power, 250 HDD RAM and 250 GB of storage space. This machine operates programs at a face pace and it provides many different ports so that users can alter this device to perform a variety of different functions.
Other top laptops under $500 includes the Toshiba Satellite NB15t-A1304 touchscreen and the Asus X102BA. Both of these laptops have touch screens which makes them more flexible than many other laptop models. The machines offers users power and performance. Consumers can expect to pay about $350 for these mobile PCs.

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