Sony VAIO TZ review: Ultra-slim Ultra-mobile laptop


The Sony VAIO TZ series, ultra-slim and ultra-mobile laptop,is a thoughtfully designed product for people on the move. Providing a 11.1″ display , and as slim a 1″, this ultra portable, ultra-mobile and ultra thin laptop offers superior mobility coupled with lengthy battery backup and easy to carry volume/weight ratio. All in all, the USP of this new little beauty is day-to-day PC performance anywhere any time. This laptop has a few flavor customized to range from corporate to casual to sturdy. The flavors varying in performance and storage start from Core2Duo processor U7500 (1.06GHz1) ranging to 1.33 GHz processors. All this with pre-installed with Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Business/XP Professional downgrade.

Build and Design

Sony VAIO TZ has a sleek and slim design that catches every eye with its glossy finish and wide choice of colors ranging from Handmade Bordeaux Red, Champagne Gold to Premium Carbon Fiber Black. For the viewer, the 11.1-inch LCD is state-of-the-art SONY Bright View Technology. Build to be elegant, thin and lightweight, the laptop re-defines mobile computing.


Owing to its ultra mobile mantra, expecting to have an enjoyable experience in watching action movies and heavy games would be asking for too much. The display, Sony’s own XBRITE-FullHD LCD technology is bright and ultra clear with true colors. The size is best relished by using it for what the machine is meant for. So, far as the mobile and business needs are concerned it’s a 10 on 10. But gaming, action movies and all that jazz is not a fair expectation only because of the processing limitation.

Keyboard and touchpad

Dust proof, clean square, flat, grid-channel layout keyboard of Sony VAIO TZ  are provided with cuboid keys. For the people, who haven’t used Sony VAIO before, it might take a while to get used to, but I think that it is a better product design since it is found to prevent over 80% from dust getting into the keyboard in comparison to others.

Touchpad of Sony VAIO TZ is very responsive with a good throughput, but less finger friendly for the men. The keyboard and the touchpad as a whole give you an impression, as if it’s just meant for the girls, who have smaller fingers and less rapid movement. For the ones with heavy fingers, the touchpad is a little small and running out of space could be frequent. But, it’s been designed to be small and mobile, making it a little less easy.

Performance and Benchmarks

Well the TZ series ranges from 1.06 GHz to 1.33 GHz, which according to latest standards are not very high. But given the fact that this beauty is not meant to be loaded with all the computation that requires heavy processing, Sony VAIO TZ stand true to its day-to-day business presentation. Like a true celebrity, it has a lot of elegance and beauty but can do only so much, limited by the Brain (CPU/Processor) speed. I personally think even Vista comes too heavy on it, but the 2GB RAM makes up for it.

Battery Life

My personal benchmarking method is to first just have the machine on and keep fiddling it not to let it hibernate or go to standby mode. Under this situation, it gave me a surprising 9 hours of battery backup!! Which I think is very good. Then second step charge the battery to full and run video and audio until the battery drains out fully. I ran AI by Steven Spielberg on a full volume, 2 times full and for 10 more minutes before the battery drained out.

All in all, Sony VAIO TZ’s a friendly machine meeting the major demand to be called a Mobile device.

Specifications of Sony VAIO TZ

Operating System: Pre-loaded Genuine Windows Vista Business (English Version)

Processor: Core2Duo Processor U7700 from Intel (1.33 GHz)

Optical Disc Drive: DVD±RW/±R DL/RAM Drive Maximum Reading Speed

Graphics: Graphics Accelerator Graphics Media Accelerator 950 from Intel

Display: Type 11.1″ (WXGA: 1366 x 768) TFT Color display

Bluetooth: Bluetooth standard Ver. 2.0+EDR Security

Camera: Front Side Camera Effective Pixels: 640×480

Audio: Sound Chip High Definition Audio compatible from Intel

Battery: Lithium-ion battery

Dimensions (WxHxD) : 277 x 22.5 – 29.8 x 198.2 mm Weight 1170 g (including battery)

MSRP: $2000 (base price)

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