Sony VAIO P Review: An Ultraportable laptop


Sony stunned the entire world by launching the VAIO P, an ultraportable laptop, at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show. This amazing ultraportable notebook is available with an 8-inch display that can easily fit inside the pocket of your jacket or purse. That’s not it. This notebook packs advanced technology inside a very small package.

Build & Design


Despite using the Atom processor from Intel, design of Sony VAIO P is somewhat unlike other netbook released till date. Its exterior has been covered in glossy plastics and has rounded edges, smooth lines and a style, which will make you to believe that the laptop is trying to balance luxury & utility in a small package. VIAO P can even be described as a part computer and part fashion accessory, as its neat look is supplemented with exciting features. You’ll find a glossy plastic on top of its screen cover and around its bottom. Matte silver plastic has been used around its keyboard and magnesium alloy is provided in the interior for extra support.

Keyboard & Touchpad


Most full-size, low-priced notebooks currently available in the market are provided with a poorly built keyboard, which has significant bounce/flex when pressure is applied. However, that is not the case with netbooks.

Keyboard on Sony VAIO P is less cramped than what you might have seen on a 7″-8.9″ netbooks. The keys on VAIO P have been given more spacing in between them. Thus, it is a little easier while using standard touch typing methods. It gives you the power to type for longer periods without any discomfort.


Touchpad is absent on VAIO P. Substituting the typical touchpad, it uses a trackpoint or touchpint pointing stick, which is found on many business grade notebooks. Touchpoint is easier to use and quite sensitive. The left and right buttons are positioned beneath the spacebar and have shallow feedbacks producing light clicks when pressed.



Glossy LED display on Sony VAIO P is excellent and vibrant with excellent contrast and rich colors. Even thought the screen is only 8-inch, it provided an unimaginable 1600×7800 resolution. For reducing the difficulty in reading small texts, the netbook has been provided with ‘magnify’ tool, which allows you to increase the size of words that you find difficult to read. The best part is that you do not have to change the resolution of the screen for that.

Horizontal viewing angles of Sony VAIO P are good, so there is no chance of you facing any trouble while watching the movie on the 8-inch screen of this laptop. However, while watching from vertical angles, colors might wash away from above.


To keep power consumption and temperature level of this notebook at the minimum level, Sony opted for 1.33GHz Atom Processor from Intel rather than 1.6Hz, which is common in most larger models. While it helps VAIO P in providing better battery life and avoiding it from overheating, the bottom line is that it turns out to be a weak processor. Provided with a 64 GB solid state drive and a 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 RAM, this netbook will give you best performance if you opt for Windows 7 as an operating system.


If taken for normal use, with backlight at 80%, typing documents on MS Word and using wireless for browsing, Sony VAIO P will manage to deliver 2 hours and 39 minutes when a 4-cell battery is used. If you have 6-cell battery, a battery life of slightly above 4 hours is expected, if you use the same settings.

Priced at $900, Sony VAIO P is a travel laptop worth every penny!

Specifications of Sony VAIO P

Processor: Z520 1.33-GHz Atom Processor from Intel

OS: Windows Vista Basic SP1 (32-bit)

Memory: 2GB 800MHz 2GB

Display: 8-inch LED (1600×768)

Hard drive: 64GB

Battery: 4-Cell Lithium Ion

Weight: 1 lb 4.8 oz

Dimensions: 9.65in x 4.72in x 0.78in

Pros: Lightest in its class, Quality in designing, Fantastic keyboard for its size

Cons: Expensive for Atom processor-based laptop, Weak Speaker

MSRP: $899.99 (Base Price)

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