Sony VAIO NS Review: ULTIMATE laptop for warriors


The Sony VAIO NS series, the ultimate laptop for warriors, is an ideal notebook for daily needs. With a Core 2 Duo processor, big enough RAM, and plenty of storage, it is outfitted with the tools vital to sustain daily computing activities. With a trim 15.4″ structure, the VAIO NS is simple to grip and grand in support of on-the-go computing. The laptop is perfectly built to deliver performance and battery sustenance to people who have to travel a lot.

Build and Design

It is very compact with curved angles and beveled ends that make it easy to be inserted or pulled out of cases and handbags without its edges getting stuck at the ends of the bag opening. Its weight is about 6.4 Lbs. The outer casing is a plain metallic silver sheet with a VAIO labeling on it. The interior is also rather plain Jane in its look. The keyboard is black, which does not look very good against the metallic silver backdrop. It does not have a look, which students and youngsters may crave for. However, for people at high posts, it is the complete corporate look.


The Sony VAIO NS has a broad display with 1280-by-800 pixels of resolution. The resolution could have been better when you consider the 15.4″ across the screen. The screen quality is not absolutely great, but it is good enough for official purposes. The 15.4″ lustrous monitor is excellent at colour and contrast. The display describes the images moderately bright. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are superb. However, at certain points, during vertical movement of the screen the images blank out completely. The screen is sturdy and the prop-support hinges hold the screen tightly.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO NS keyboard is one of the more exceptional characteristics of this notebook. Dissimilar from most established PC notebook keyboards, the keys on the NS are more flat and are well padded along with being receptive to slight strokes. The keyboard is relatively unyielding with no bending and flexing whatsoever. On the whole, if you can get into the habit of using a keyboard with lack of devoted keys, then you will discover this keyboard as a real joy to use.

Performance and Benchmarks

The Sony VAIO NS has dual core processors, which offer more than adequate performance for regular use. Designed to be portable, it cannot be decked up with incredible performance capabilities. The start up and shut down time is fairly good. The applications run fine on time. The graphics performance is a little because NS uses the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, which divides the laptop’s system RAM. More RAM would have provided optimum performances for graphics.

Battery Life

The Sony VAIO NS has an incredible battery life of virtually 4 hours. On normal usage like web browsing over WI-FI with music playback, the machine shuts down at 2 hours and 35 minutes. On heavy sound movies, it keeps on for 2.5 hrs. The charging takes a little less time than the average laptops. Overall, the battery life is excellent and perfect for “on-the-go” people.

Specifications of Sony VAIO NS

Processor: Core2Duo, P7350 2-Ghz processor from Intel (3Mb cache, 1066 Mhz FSB)

OS: Genuine MS Windows Vista Premium

Memory: 2-GB DDR3

Display: 15.4 inch WXGA, 1280×800

Hard drive: 250 GB SATA (5400 rpm)

Battery: 6-cell lithium

Weight: 6.4 Lbs

Dimensions: 14.18″ x 1.24-1.50″ x 10.63

Pros: Excellent battery life, portable and small in size, and fairly fast processing and affordable price

Cons: Plain Jane looks.

MSRP: $779 (base price)

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