Sony VAIO FW Laptop Review: Ultimate display experience


Here comes the ultimate display experience, the Sony VAIO FW, featuring widescreen (16:9 ratio), is your ideal partner for work and play. The FW is a completely capable laptop, with a perfect blend of sleek modern styling and quick specs.

Build and Design

The Sony VAIO FW are wonderful laptops with a lavish and beautiful design overall. The laptop has a sleek moulded appearance. When opened, the palmrest and keyboard presents a poised look similar to the front of a car. The surface starts off even, has a petite plunge, and then with poise inclines downwards towards the hinges. Build feature is outstanding and at large its framework is stiff & strong. Even though slim at the edges of the palmrest, it can be lifted at the edges without slightest of flexes.


The Sony VAIO FW display presents a true HD display. 720P or 1080P screens are somewhat undersized than what is usually found on desktops. For instance a WUXGA laptop has a precision of 1920×1200, while a Full HD 1080P display is 1920×1080 pixels in resolution. This has to do with the technique the majority movies are documented during recording. The bars at both the vertical ends of the screen do not show up at all.

At first look, you would hate the screen of the Sony VAIO FW. The additionally broad and wide screen is grand for systematize errands and tasks on the monitor, where a normal display would appear too crowded. You can open two documents alongside or a webpage. And for movies, this notebook is no less than great. Apart from the widescreen, the LCD quality on its own is a disappointing one. On bursting brightness to its fullest, you can see a burrow effect where the sides and angles were much shadowy than the axis of the screen.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO FW keyboard is just delightful to type on. Once you get used to the right finger positioning and a good hang of the distance sandwiched between keys. Key toss space is like any other laptop. Click sound is soft and rebound was great with no flex.

The touchpad is huge and as much as necessary for ample shift. The touchpad buttons are a drawback though. They are of the same height as that of the palmrest and are also of the same color making it difficult to distinguish them from the touchpad surface. The palm rest area of Sony VAIO FW is quiet large and makes typing convenient and pleasant.

Performance and Benchmarks

The Sony VAIO FW system performance was extremely good for the majority of errands. On functioning with office applications, web browsing, and music play back i.e. general functionalities, the speed and performance were good enough. Gaming was however disappointing.

Battery Life

Sony VAIO FW’s 4400mAh battery drains out in a mere 2 hours and 39 minute’s duration before the notebook shuts down. If you are watching a Blu-ray film, the battery life shrinks additionally.

Charging was slower than what we could expect, taking approximately 30 minutes to go from deceased to just 15% alive while most notebooks go upto 30-40% in this much time.

Specifications of Sony VAIO FW

Processor: 2.26 GHz (T6400) – 2.93Ghz (T9800) Core 2 Duo from Intel

OS: Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Memory: 3 GB DDR2 RAM

Display: 16.4″ Screen

Hard drive: From 160 GB t o 320 GB

Battery: 6 cell lithium

Weight: 6.7 lbs

Dimensions: 15.1″(W) x 1.14 – 1.46″(H) x 10.3″(D)

Pros:  Fast, good screen and display

Cons: battery life, weight

MSRP: $ 839.99 (base price)

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