Sony VAIO CS Review: The trendy laptop


The Sony VAIO CS series of trendy laptop is one for the fashionable kind. With a Core 2 Duo processor, big enough RAM, and plenty of storage, Sony VAIO CS is well-equipped with the requisites that keep up every day computing actions. The VAIO NS is easy to grip and looks lovely while you clutch it and move around your campus.

Build and Design

Sony VAIO CS is a laptop of sturdy built, though a little plasticky in general. It has the famous Sony Scrabble keyboard, which makes it look very great altogether. The Sony VAIO CS is available in a variety of peppy colours, red being the spiciest of all. Teenagers and campus-mongers would love to tuck this laptop between there clutch and waist, as they go around drawing the eyes of the onlookers all the way. The lid of VAIO CS is a glossy red and has a VAIO labelling on it. The look of this notebook is just extra-ordinary!!


The Sony VAIO CS has a 1280-by-800 pixels resolution display. The resolution is perfect for the 14.1″ screen. If HD movies are what you are tending to enjoy, then you are in for a disappointment, for neither is the screen an HD one, nor has Sony kept the provision for an HD output. The display quality isn’t absolutely flawless, but for official purposes it is acceptable. Viewing angles are also superb in your Sony VAIO CS. Horizontally the viewing angle is large and even, but vertical shift blanks out images depending on the light conditions of the ambience.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO CS keyboard is one of the more outstanding qualities of this notebook. Far removed from most recognized laptop keyboards, the buttons on the CS are extra flat. The keys are well cushioned and receptive to the slightest press, and touch. The keyboard is comparatively unbending with no flexing whatsoever. The touchpad is a nice one and there wasn’t anything we could find worth complaining about. The palmrest area is however small. However, given the dimensions of the notebook can be accepted and eventually got used to.

Performance and Benchmarks

Performance in the Sony VAIO CS is excellent given the Core 2 Duo T9600 processor with a super 2.8 GHz. Sony has given a 4GB of DDR2 memory for this system. The DDR3 would have increased the overall cost of the system. One field of concern with the VAIO CS is its graphics. Though most of the laptops today, which fall in this price range and genre, have dedicated graphics processor, Sony has tried to be cost effective by making use of an integrated Intel GMA X4500HD graphics card. Another disappointment is the lack of HD output. And there is yet more disappointment in waiting, and that unfolds when you see the rather traditional video connector, as a counterpart of a VGA port.

Battery Life

In the battery tests, the Sony VAIO VGN-CS was capable of running for 3 hours and 26 minutes on battery, which is a quite a reasonable figure as per today’s standards. Its battery life is in fact longer than the much-hyped Mac book from Apple.

Specifications of Sony VAIO CS

Processor: Core2Duo processor from Intel

OS: Genuine MS Windows Vista Premium

Memory: 4 GB DDR2 RAm

Display: 14.1 inch WXGA, 1280×800

Hard drive: 250 GB SATA (5400 rpm)

Battery: 6-cell lithium

Weight: 6.4 Lbs

Dimensions: 14.18″ x 1.24-1.50″ x 10.63

Pros: Smaller Dimensions Thanks to 14.1-inch Screen, Good General Performance

Cons: Integrated Graphics, Lacks Some Modern Peripheral Connectors, Poor Internal Speaker

MSRP: $920 (base price)


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