Sony VAIO BZ Review: Series of proficient laptop


Sony’s new series of proficient laptops, the Sony Vaio BZ is assembled in favor of commerce and trade. These laptops include the compatibility and output necessary by IT experts and big business consumers.

Build and Design

Well talking about style and glamour, we have to sadly admit that Sony VAIO BZ lacks in looks. The generally black external casing is salvaged from ultra-simplistic looks by the VAIO labeling, which is made of reflective gray on the lid. A line up of backlit symbols along the length of the front edge adds an additional splatter of vibrancy and color.

Though lacking in its charm, Sony VAIO BZ feels very concrete with its magnesium alloy framework, which prefigures fine for its sturdiness on jerky paths of travel. Another limitation is that it isn’t an ultra portable owing to its weight. The pivot apparatus of the hinges holds the screen with ample of strain having the exception of the last few centimeters of dive, where the cover plummets down with a thump.


The display of Sony VAIO BZ is an anti-glower LCD through a lusterless finish, which is a pleasant change from the glossy screen that reflects back the image of the consumer. This lack in reflections is particularly useful for people who work outdoors or in varying ambience.

The Sony VAIO BZ screen measures 15.4 inches crossways and has a resolution of 1,280×800. This width can accommodate two documents in parallel but the resolution is disappointingly meager. The LED backlit screen may appear a little flimsy, but proves great once you switch to animation and general movies.

Keyboard and touchpad

Sony VAIO BZ sports a dirt resistant, cube, even and lattice keyboard. Touchpad is very receptive with a superior throughput, but it is not as much of finger affable for the men. It gives a feeling as if it was made for slender feminine fingers with soft elegant and slow motions. But, that’s just because the Sony VAIO BZ laptop has been intended to be small and mobile.

Performance and Benchmarks

Because of the use of vPro technology, the Sony VAIO BZ management system is strongly included into the hardware of the notebook, meaning it can distantly address topics with no dependence on the universal software solutions. This technology also permits distant administration to be conveyed even when the device is off or locked. The processor is fast enough for regular and hard demanding tasks. Memory transfer functions were satisfactorily fast, but the startup takes about 10 seconds more than the average laptops. The graphics card of Sony VAIO BZ is however a limitation. This laptop is definitely not one meant for movie-buffs and gaming freaks.

Battery Backup

Sony VAIO BZ asserts a 3.5 hours battery life in its website, from the provided Li-ion battery. And that has been observed to be near true. The battery drains out after 3 hrs of web-surfing through Wi-Fi and music playback. A fully loud and action filled movie DVD played once and for 10 more minutes before the laptop shut down. The charging takes a little more time to get fully charged than expected. Where the normal laptops charge to 45%, the Sony VAIO BZ charged to only 15%.

Specifications of the Sony VAIO BZ

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8400 (2.26GHz)

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1, 32-bit)

Memory: 4GB DDR2

Display: 15.4″ WXGA

Hard drive: 160 GB

Battery: 6-cell 5200mAh 57Wh battery

Weight: 6 lbs

Dimensions: 14.27″x1.18″x10.51″

Pros: Firmly built, high-quality keyboard, incorporated webcam and the fingerprint scanner

Cons: Low-resolution of the screen, too less USB connectors, too much of software

MSRP: $899 (base price)

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