Getac V100 review


When we talk about rugged tablets and laptop, Getac is counted amongst the most reputed makers in the world today and the Getac V100, which is fully rugged, can be treated as prime example of that. In spite of its rugged appearance, the one thing making the V100 special is screen rated to be at 1,200 nits in brightness! When we compare it with others, you’ll find that the good notebook’s screen are only rated as 250-nit ones.

Build & Design

When we talk about design of Getac V100, it is virtually a fully rugged notebook with an extremely boxy feel. There is nothing, which you can rate ‘consumer friendly’ for this design. V100 ’s magnesium alloy construction along with rubber bumpers, which cover the edges, are adequate for striking fear in processors of most average notebooks. Again, it has double the thickness of a standard 12-inch tablet or notebook with a price tag that matches the rugged build.

At first appearance, the laptop may appear the Getac V100 is missing all the ports. However, when you will go for a closer appearance, you will see an external port having its own waterproof door or cap. This build keeps the moisture and dirt off when they are not in use. It also protects fragile connectors when your tablet slips from your hand and hits the floor.


Getac V100 has a 10.4-inch touch screen, which has a 1024×768 resolution. It is bright enough for easily reading even under the bright sunlight. V100 also has a 12.4-inch widescreen display. Its colors are quite bright, but get a washed outlook due to the connectivity of its strong backlight and touchscreen surface. V100 is inclusive of a screen having a backlight, which is rated at 1,200-nit brightness.

Since the notebook is convertible, you have the option of rotating the screen of Getac V100 around for working in a tablet or slate manner. The touch screen of V100 works quite well, when we use a fingertip or pen. When in slate mode, you have the access of buttons on the front edge. Even though the screen can be rotated 180 degrees horizontally, you will be disappointed to find that you cannot completely rotate it at 360-degree angle.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Keyboard on Getac V100 is rugged and nice similar to the rest portion in this tablet. It is exceptionally comfortable for typing on it in spite of its small size. Standard sized black keys are provided with large white letters in order to improve visibility. Key size and spacing are average when you compared it with a 12-inch notebook. However, you will find the notebook to be slightly cramped, if you are used for desktop keyboards.

Synaptics touchpad of Getac V100 has a similar feel to any other touch pads. The size of touchpad is standard. Its sensitivity and control are also excellent. Touchpad buttons of Getac V100 are covered with a rubber shell. They have a shallow feedback and a noisy ‘click’ when pressed hard.

Performance & Benchmarks

The Getac V100 has been provided with a U7600 Core2Duo Merom processor from Intel, which functions at 1.2 GHz. The speed may sound slow in comparison to the latest tablets and notebooks, but it uses a sealed chassis, which has been passively cooled. Excess heat is dissipated through the use of metal chassis. When it comes to benchmarks, V100 may not shatter records. However, it is still powerful enough for handling regular MS Office work, light editing in Photoshop or browsing the web in the midst of combat zone.


Battery performance of Getac V100 is far from bring impressive. When you crank its screen up for maximum for usage, battery life was below 2 hours. Spare batteries will be a good idea for you in case you are looking for a longer battery life.

Bottom line is that you do not buy Getac V100 for fast performance or long battery life, you own it as the notebook can work on most environments.

Specifications of Getac V100

Processor: 1.2-GHz U7600 Core2Duo from Intel

OS: MS Windows XP

Memory: 1GB DDR2

Display: 10.4 -inch TFT touch screen

Hard drive: 120GB

Weight: 4.9lbs

Dimensions: 11.2in x 8.7in x 1.9in

Pros: Rugged Design, Sunlight readable display

Cons: Expensive, Poor Battery Life

MSRP: $3,550 (Base Price)

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