Gateway M7342u Laptop Review


The Gateway M7342u is an example of a classy laptop conglomerated with priceless works of design. The deep pacific blue finished laptop, flaunting some of the finest features ever possible, is now backed by unplugged power assurance from Windows. Well, this is what we can call ‘amenities galore’. Its media, application and processing qualities are just breathtaking.

The Gateway M7342u comes with an Pentium Dual Core processor from Pentium, the best in its class. Supporting ample performance an assuring trust and durability, this high speed and high powered processor is sure to provide an extra boost to the system. To make media and entertainment lively and livelier, the machine comes with a built in Intel’s Graphics media accelerator 4500 series card. With 1GB worth dynamic video memory, entertainment reaches a new height. It only improves the graphics performance but also saves power. What more to expect from an 3-GB RAM support! The faster, now just got fastest. It makes everything accomplishing more easily and more often. And if it is not enough, the massive 320GB hard drive is sufficient to make a space for everyone.

The Gateway M7342u is an all media laptop with more number of applications, but everything remains incomplete without the giant 15.4-inch ultra-bright TFT monitor. With a resolution of 1280×800, this monitor is just sufficient enough to transform application to entertainment at any point and vice versa. Well, if you need more, the Gateway M7342u comes with 4 USB ports to provide choices for countless other additional features. In addition to that, the system is also attached with many external ports like RJ-45 and many more.

With a look that is more than sufficient to make everybody stunned, this head turner from Gateway is a sure shot winner in the market and promises to dominate it for quite a long time. The Gateway M7342u also comes with a built in broadband modem making it easier for all of us to bring home the whole world right in our lap. The machine also comes with a lithium ion battery with backups that never fade.

The Gateway M7342u comes with a one-year warranty. However, by purchasing the suitable warranty extension plan, you can extend this service. The Gateway M7342u is a perfect combination of media & application and it is ideally suited for both office users and media freaks.

Specifications of the Gateway M7342u

Operating system: The machine comes with a 32 bit genuine Windows Vista home edition.

L2 cache: It has 3MB L2 which is shared with the primary memory.

Hard drive: 320 GB SATA with 5400rpm

Weight: 6lbs

Enclosure: Full aluminum body with deep pacific blue finish and brush metallic keyboard

HDMI interface: HDMI version 1.2

Bus: System bus is of 1066MHz

Expansion slot: Express card

Multimedia buttons: Metal precision touch

Processor: Intel’s Dual core processor with a clock frequency of 2GHz supported by Intel’s 965 chipset for adding flexibility

Primary memory: 3GB of DDR2 RAM which is expandable up to 8GB

Graphics: It comes with Intel’s Graphics Media Accelerator with 1GB of dynamic video memory, which is shared with the main memory

Optical drive: 24x dual layer DVD writer with label flash technology

Video: There is built in1.3 mega pixel camera, mini display port with support for VGA, DVI and dual link DVI

Display: 15.4-inch ultra bright LED display with 1280 x 800 resolutions

USB: 6 USB 2.0 ports supporting a data transfer rate of 480Mbps

Networking: 10/100 Ethernet card from Gigabyte

Audio: The system comes with a built in high performance audio system

Hardware accessories: 60w power adapter, power cord, AC wall plug and lithium polymer battery

Wireless: Integrated 802.11 wireless network, Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR (enhanced data rate) module

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