Gaming Laptops Under $500

So, you are a gamer on a budget. I understand completely, trust me. But what is one to do? Aside from penny pinching and sitting at home bored, what you need to do is find a gaming system that fits into your budget. High end gaming equipment can run upwards of thousands of dollars and most laptops are $500 to $1000. That doesn’t exactly work when you are on a ramen noodle every night kind of budget. So let’s take a look at the top five gaming laptops for under $500.

1) Hp Pavilion G7-2240us
2) Acer Aspire V3-551-8469
3) Asus K55N 16.6″ Radeonn 7640G/A8-4500M 768p screen
4) Lenovo IdeaPad Z580
5) HP Envy dv-7210us

Now you are set. You tightened your belt a little bit and made room in your life for a brand new, affordable gaming laptop. Now that that is out of the way, you have to figure out what your new piece of equipment can do. You do not want to find out the hard way that your laptop is going to freeze up on you every time you try to play your favorite online game. Here is my list of the best games for laptops under $500.

  • 1) War Craft III
  • 2) Red Alert 2
  • 3) Darklands
  • 4) Amiga Emulator for The Settlers, Speedball II
  • 5) MAME Arcade emulator
  • 6) Vice City
  • 7) Half-Life 2
  • 8) Carmageddon I / II
  • 9) Trackmania
  • 10) X-COM series
  • 11) Bloodrayne I / II
  • 12) Audiosurf
  • 13) Madballs
  • 14) The Secret of Monkey Island
  • 15) Counter Strike / CS:S

So there you go. The best games for laptops under $500. The key thing you want to ensure when shopping around for a laptop is that it comes with a dedicated graphics chipset. If you’re playing older games or casual games on your laptop, and it has an integrated graphics chipset, it should play just fine. But if you are planning on doing some high-speed gaming, make sure your computer has a Radeon HD chipset with designation “M’, either 700M or 800M series.
Happy gaming!

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