Sony VAIO CS Review: The trendy laptop


The Sony VAIO CS series of trendy laptop is one for the fashionable kind. With a Core 2 Duo processor, big enough RAM, and plenty of storage, Sony VAIO CS is well-equipped with the requisites that keep up every day computing actions. The VAIO NS is easy to grip and looks lovely while you clutch it and move around your campus.

Build and Design

Sony VAIO CS is a laptop of sturdy built, though a little plasticky in general. It has the famous Sony Scrabble keyboard, which makes it look very great altogether. The Sony VAIO CS is available in a variety of peppy colours, red being the spiciest of all. Teenagers and campus-mongers would love to tuck this laptop between there clutch and waist, as they go around drawing the eyes of the onlookers all the way. The lid of VAIO CS is a glossy red and has a VAIO labelling on it. The look of this notebook is just extra-ordinary!!


The Sony VAIO CS has a 1280-by-800 pixels resolution display. The resolution is perfect for the 14.1″ screen. If HD movies are what you are tending to enjoy, then you are in for a disappointment, for neither is the screen an HD one, nor has Sony kept the provision for an HD output. The display quality isn’t absolutely flawless, but for official purposes it is acceptable. Viewing angles are also superb in your Sony VAIO CS. Horizontally the viewing angle is large and even, but vertical shift blanks out images depending on the light conditions of the ambience.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO CS keyboard is one of the more outstanding qualities of this notebook. Far removed from most recognized laptop keyboards, the buttons on the CS are extra flat. The keys are well cushioned and receptive to the slightest press, and touch. The keyboard is comparatively unbending with no flexing whatsoever. The touchpad is a nice one and there wasn’t anything we could find worth complaining about. The palmrest area is however small. However, given the dimensions of the notebook can be accepted and eventually got used to.

Performance and Benchmarks

Performance in the Sony VAIO CS is excellent given the Core 2 Duo T9600 processor with a super 2.8 GHz. Sony has given a 4GB of DDR2 memory for this system. The DDR3 would have increased the overall cost of the system. One field of concern with the VAIO CS is its graphics. Though most of the laptops today, which fall in this price range and genre, have dedicated graphics processor, Sony has tried to be cost effective by making use of an integrated Intel GMA X4500HD graphics card. Another disappointment is the lack of HD output. And there is yet more disappointment in waiting, and that unfolds when you see the rather traditional video connector, as a counterpart of a VGA port.

Battery Life

In the battery tests, the Sony VAIO VGN-CS was capable of running for 3 hours and 26 minutes on battery, which is a quite a reasonable figure as per today’s standards. Its battery life is in fact longer than the much-hyped Mac book from Apple.

Specifications of Sony VAIO CS

Processor: Core2Duo processor from Intel

OS: Genuine MS Windows Vista Premium

Memory: 4 GB DDR2 RAm

Display: 14.1 inch WXGA, 1280×800

Hard drive: 250 GB SATA (5400 rpm)

Battery: 6-cell lithium

Weight: 6.4 Lbs

Dimensions: 14.18″ x 1.24-1.50″ x 10.63

Pros: Smaller Dimensions Thanks to 14.1-inch Screen, Good General Performance

Cons: Integrated Graphics, Lacks Some Modern Peripheral Connectors, Poor Internal Speaker

MSRP: $920 (base price)


Sony VAIO NS Review: ULTIMATE laptop for warriors


The Sony VAIO NS series, the ultimate laptop for warriors, is an ideal notebook for daily needs. With a Core 2 Duo processor, big enough RAM, and plenty of storage, it is outfitted with the tools vital to sustain daily computing activities. With a trim 15.4″ structure, the VAIO NS is simple to grip and grand in support of on-the-go computing. The laptop is perfectly built to deliver performance and battery sustenance to people who have to travel a lot.

Build and Design

It is very compact with curved angles and beveled ends that make it easy to be inserted or pulled out of cases and handbags without its edges getting stuck at the ends of the bag opening. Its weight is about 6.4 Lbs. The outer casing is a plain metallic silver sheet with a VAIO labeling on it. The interior is also rather plain Jane in its look. The keyboard is black, which does not look very good against the metallic silver backdrop. It does not have a look, which students and youngsters may crave for. However, for people at high posts, it is the complete corporate look.


The Sony VAIO NS has a broad display with 1280-by-800 pixels of resolution. The resolution could have been better when you consider the 15.4″ across the screen. The screen quality is not absolutely great, but it is good enough for official purposes. The 15.4″ lustrous monitor is excellent at colour and contrast. The display describes the images moderately bright. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are superb. However, at certain points, during vertical movement of the screen the images blank out completely. The screen is sturdy and the prop-support hinges hold the screen tightly.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO NS keyboard is one of the more exceptional characteristics of this notebook. Dissimilar from most established PC notebook keyboards, the keys on the NS are more flat and are well padded along with being receptive to slight strokes. The keyboard is relatively unyielding with no bending and flexing whatsoever. On the whole, if you can get into the habit of using a keyboard with lack of devoted keys, then you will discover this keyboard as a real joy to use.

Performance and Benchmarks

The Sony VAIO NS has dual core processors, which offer more than adequate performance for regular use. Designed to be portable, it cannot be decked up with incredible performance capabilities. The start up and shut down time is fairly good. The applications run fine on time. The graphics performance is a little because NS uses the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, which divides the laptop’s system RAM. More RAM would have provided optimum performances for graphics.

Battery Life

The Sony VAIO NS has an incredible battery life of virtually 4 hours. On normal usage like web browsing over WI-FI with music playback, the machine shuts down at 2 hours and 35 minutes. On heavy sound movies, it keeps on for 2.5 hrs. The charging takes a little less time than the average laptops. Overall, the battery life is excellent and perfect for “on-the-go” people.

Specifications of Sony VAIO NS

Processor: Core2Duo, P7350 2-Ghz processor from Intel (3Mb cache, 1066 Mhz FSB)

OS: Genuine MS Windows Vista Premium

Memory: 2-GB DDR3

Display: 15.4 inch WXGA, 1280×800

Hard drive: 250 GB SATA (5400 rpm)

Battery: 6-cell lithium

Weight: 6.4 Lbs

Dimensions: 14.18″ x 1.24-1.50″ x 10.63

Pros: Excellent battery life, portable and small in size, and fairly fast processing and affordable price

Cons: Plain Jane looks.

MSRP: $779 (base price)

Sony VAIO FW Laptop Review: Ultimate display experience


Here comes the ultimate display experience, the Sony VAIO FW, featuring widescreen (16:9 ratio), is your ideal partner for work and play. The FW is a completely capable laptop, with a perfect blend of sleek modern styling and quick specs.

Build and Design

The Sony VAIO FW are wonderful laptops with a lavish and beautiful design overall. The laptop has a sleek moulded appearance. When opened, the palmrest and keyboard presents a poised look similar to the front of a car. The surface starts off even, has a petite plunge, and then with poise inclines downwards towards the hinges. Build feature is outstanding and at large its framework is stiff & strong. Even though slim at the edges of the palmrest, it can be lifted at the edges without slightest of flexes.


The Sony VAIO FW display presents a true HD display. 720P or 1080P screens are somewhat undersized than what is usually found on desktops. For instance a WUXGA laptop has a precision of 1920×1200, while a Full HD 1080P display is 1920×1080 pixels in resolution. This has to do with the technique the majority movies are documented during recording. The bars at both the vertical ends of the screen do not show up at all.

At first look, you would hate the screen of the Sony VAIO FW. The additionally broad and wide screen is grand for systematize errands and tasks on the monitor, where a normal display would appear too crowded. You can open two documents alongside or a webpage. And for movies, this notebook is no less than great. Apart from the widescreen, the LCD quality on its own is a disappointing one. On bursting brightness to its fullest, you can see a burrow effect where the sides and angles were much shadowy than the axis of the screen.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO FW keyboard is just delightful to type on. Once you get used to the right finger positioning and a good hang of the distance sandwiched between keys. Key toss space is like any other laptop. Click sound is soft and rebound was great with no flex.

The touchpad is huge and as much as necessary for ample shift. The touchpad buttons are a drawback though. They are of the same height as that of the palmrest and are also of the same color making it difficult to distinguish them from the touchpad surface. The palm rest area of Sony VAIO FW is quiet large and makes typing convenient and pleasant.

Performance and Benchmarks

The Sony VAIO FW system performance was extremely good for the majority of errands. On functioning with office applications, web browsing, and music play back i.e. general functionalities, the speed and performance were good enough. Gaming was however disappointing.

Battery Life

Sony VAIO FW’s 4400mAh battery drains out in a mere 2 hours and 39 minute’s duration before the notebook shuts down. If you are watching a Blu-ray film, the battery life shrinks additionally.

Charging was slower than what we could expect, taking approximately 30 minutes to go from deceased to just 15% alive while most notebooks go upto 30-40% in this much time.

Specifications of Sony VAIO FW

Processor: 2.26 GHz (T6400) – 2.93Ghz (T9800) Core 2 Duo from Intel

OS: Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Memory: 3 GB DDR2 RAM

Display: 16.4″ Screen

Hard drive: From 160 GB t o 320 GB

Battery: 6 cell lithium

Weight: 6.7 lbs

Dimensions: 15.1″(W) x 1.14 – 1.46″(H) x 10.3″(D)

Pros:  Fast, good screen and display

Cons: battery life, weight

MSRP: $ 839.99 (base price)

Sony VAIO BZ Review: Series of proficient laptop


Sony’s new series of proficient laptops, the Sony Vaio BZ is assembled in favor of commerce and trade. These laptops include the compatibility and output necessary by IT experts and big business consumers.

Build and Design

Well talking about style and glamour, we have to sadly admit that Sony VAIO BZ lacks in looks. The generally black external casing is salvaged from ultra-simplistic looks by the VAIO labeling, which is made of reflective gray on the lid. A line up of backlit symbols along the length of the front edge adds an additional splatter of vibrancy and color.

Though lacking in its charm, Sony VAIO BZ feels very concrete with its magnesium alloy framework, which prefigures fine for its sturdiness on jerky paths of travel. Another limitation is that it isn’t an ultra portable owing to its weight. The pivot apparatus of the hinges holds the screen with ample of strain having the exception of the last few centimeters of dive, where the cover plummets down with a thump.


The display of Sony VAIO BZ is an anti-glower LCD through a lusterless finish, which is a pleasant change from the glossy screen that reflects back the image of the consumer. This lack in reflections is particularly useful for people who work outdoors or in varying ambience.

The Sony VAIO BZ screen measures 15.4 inches crossways and has a resolution of 1,280×800. This width can accommodate two documents in parallel but the resolution is disappointingly meager. The LED backlit screen may appear a little flimsy, but proves great once you switch to animation and general movies.

Keyboard and touchpad

Sony VAIO BZ sports a dirt resistant, cube, even and lattice keyboard. Touchpad is very receptive with a superior throughput, but it is not as much of finger affable for the men. It gives a feeling as if it was made for slender feminine fingers with soft elegant and slow motions. But, that’s just because the Sony VAIO BZ laptop has been intended to be small and mobile.

Performance and Benchmarks

Because of the use of vPro technology, the Sony VAIO BZ management system is strongly included into the hardware of the notebook, meaning it can distantly address topics with no dependence on the universal software solutions. This technology also permits distant administration to be conveyed even when the device is off or locked. The processor is fast enough for regular and hard demanding tasks. Memory transfer functions were satisfactorily fast, but the startup takes about 10 seconds more than the average laptops. The graphics card of Sony VAIO BZ is however a limitation. This laptop is definitely not one meant for movie-buffs and gaming freaks.

Battery Backup

Sony VAIO BZ asserts a 3.5 hours battery life in its website, from the provided Li-ion battery. And that has been observed to be near true. The battery drains out after 3 hrs of web-surfing through Wi-Fi and music playback. A fully loud and action filled movie DVD played once and for 10 more minutes before the laptop shut down. The charging takes a little more time to get fully charged than expected. Where the normal laptops charge to 45%, the Sony VAIO BZ charged to only 15%.

Specifications of the Sony VAIO BZ

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8400 (2.26GHz)

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1, 32-bit)

Memory: 4GB DDR2

Display: 15.4″ WXGA

Hard drive: 160 GB

Battery: 6-cell 5200mAh 57Wh battery

Weight: 6 lbs

Dimensions: 14.27″x1.18″x10.51″

Pros: Firmly built, high-quality keyboard, incorporated webcam and the fingerprint scanner

Cons: Low-resolution of the screen, too less USB connectors, too much of software

MSRP: $899 (base price)

Sony VAIO TT Review: Laptop for road warriors


Sony has unveiled its Sony VAIO TT series, laptop for road warriors. With it, Sony has made an unspoken announcement, which speaks of Sony’s deliberation of not compromising over quality for price. The Sony VAIO TT series is a fully featured laptop crammed into a form of smaller than normal laptops of the day.

Build and Design

The physical presentation and design of Sony VAIO TT is just superb.  It is compact in size and marks its place amongst smallest ultra-portable laptops of today. Its dimensions are 13.0 x 10.2 x 0.9 inches and 23.5mm depth at the thinnest point. Since it is made from carbon fibre, the entire notebook weighs only 2.8 pounds. The lid of this laptop is just 4mm thick, which makes the screen prone to bends and flexing on jerky and stressful handling. However, on normal careful handling there shouldn’t be many problems.


The 11.1″ screen of Sony VAIO TT is a feast to the eyes! Sony uses its X-Black technology to weave the magic of vibrant colours and also ensures absolutely no hindrance with the sharpness of the display. This VAIO has a fine resolution of 1,366 x 768 and a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio. LED backlighting makes it power efficient. However, it lacks 1080 pixels high-definition resolution. But to take care of that there is HDMI ports which provide 1,080 HD output.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Sony VAIO TT keyboard is a little smaller than the customary laptop keyboards. Yet the arrangement and enough isolation of keys make typing a pleasant experience. The touchpad is a well-sized and quick to respond. The mouse buttons are impressive and have a sharp click. A fingerprint reader is positioned between the mouse buttons, which you would accidentally click when using the mouse, but to that you can easily get accustomed. Therefore, on the whole Sony VAIO TT sports an excellent keyboard.

Performance and Benchmarks

The Sony VAIO TT offers a good enough performance, battery and portability to the people who have to hit the road quite often.

Compared to other ULV laptops, the VAIO TT has a steady sail through the usual Office, internet and email. It multitasks very well and can undertake stuff like video playback during VoIP conversations. However the performance is limited by features like ULV processor and the GMA 4500MHD graphics.  Though it sports the Blu-ray burner and HD, the VAIO TT wouldn’t be suitable for tasks like high-demanding media editing.

The real drawback is the Vista OS, which doesn’t fare well at simple applications in this notebook.  A better system management is what Sony VAIO TT requires for being able to compete with the laptops of its genre. However, with compact size and low height, and average performance it is the ideal laptop for the road warriors!

Battery Life

The battery of the Sony VAIO TT takes less than three hours to get fully charged from nil. After that it is observed to last for an impressive period of 3 hours 51 minutes when the CPU is made to operate under maximum load. In the relaxed usage mode, it lasted for about 6 hours.  Though the battery performance of VAIO TT is not exactly what Sony claims (9 hours), it is on a whole very impressive.

Specifications of Sony VAIO TT

Processor: Core 2 Duo Processor (1.40GHz) with Centrino 2 technology from Intel

OS: Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate with Microsoft Windows XP

Memory: Up to 4GB of configurable RAM

Display: 11.1″ widescreen LCD

Hard drive: up to 320GB

Battery: 6 Cell lithium

Weight: 2.87 Lbs

Dimensions: 13.0 x 10.2 x 0.9 inches

Pros: long battery life, incorporated 3G,superb keyboard

Cons: High price and only two USB ports

MSRP: $ 2,049.99 (base price)

SONY VAIO Z Review: Laptop to “GO” with


Sony Vaio Z Series, laptop to go with, are pleasantly worth their costs. The same holds true for the Sony Vaio Z Series models. These laptops actually breathe out sophistication and can surely attract the attention of onlookers, if you pull them out for work in public. It’s a great laptop designed for people on the go, especially the ones, who have a lot of air travel.

Build & Design

Dimensions of Sony Vaio Z are quite small with height of about 1.3 inches at the hinge and at 3.3 lbs, we can remark that it’s quite light. Its build is sturdy and a carbon-fibre casing protects the LCD panel and chassis against turbulent shocks. Taken as a whole, the look of this wedge-shaped laptop is good.


The display of Sony Vaio Z appears quite insubstantial at initial view, since it uses LED backlighting. However, for a screen with LED backlighting, this XBrite-DuraView screen can be considered quite crisp. LCD has 16:9 aspect ratio whereby at the 1366 x 768-pixel resolution, the black strips on top and below the video screen gets minimized. Viewing angles is as great as 169 degrees!

Keyboard and touchpad

The 82 keys keyboard of Sony Vaio Z trails the typical Vaio design, with fairly big spaces amid its buttons. The typing comfort cannot be called extraordinary. The keyboard is also lacking in multimedia keys. The control keys is reduced to F2 to F7 and other control functions have to be accessed by pressing  Fn key and the number key of respective function for example, for F1 you have to press (FN+ 1). To suffice for the shortcomings of the keyboard two user-defined keys are available.
The notebook has a Electro-Static touch pad. The problem they suffer from is that they aren’t depressed or elevated from the surface same level of the palm rest and are exactly the same in colour. Hence the touchpad is tricky to discriminate. The Z Series laptop is furnished with biometric sensor to recognize fingerprints, located between the two mouse buttons.

Performance and Benchmarks
Sony Vaio Z sports a feature that allows the user to switch between “Stamina” and “Speed”, which means either improved Speed in computing or an improved power usage. This feature lets the users adjust the graphics without having to reboot.

Sony Vaio Z is provided with all the connectivity options like Ethernet and phone line connectors, built-in modem, Wi-Fi Link, Bluetooth etc. The performance of all of which is satisfactory. The notebook has satisfactory performance of all the in-built software and other application soft wares. However, its speed is somewhat slow. You would wish that boot time was faster. Resuming from Hibernate also takes a longer time than most of the notebooks of this genre. The hard drive speed is also quite slow and it may take quite sometime to transfer large data from one part of hard disk to another.

Battery Life

We can be sure that not many VAIO Z owners will play games when they are on the go. This notebook comes with switchable Speed and Stamina modes, and delivers more battery life when needed. On internet surfing through Wi-Fi the six-cell battery, Sony Vaio Z will last for about 5 hours in its Stamina mode and for another hour if witched into Speed mode.

Specifications of

Processor: Core2Duo, 2.26 GHz (P8400) – 2.53 GHz (P9500) processor from Intel

OS: Genuine MS Windows Vista Premium

Memory: Up to 4GB DDR3 SDRAM

Display: 13.1″, 1366 x 768 or 1600 x 900 Resolution, LED Backlight

Hard drive: upto 320 GB

Battery: 6-cell lithium

Weight: 3.42 lbs

Dimensions: 12.4″X 1.3″ x 8.3″

Pros: Excellent battery life Good display, it’s good to see black bars on videos gone!, light weight makes it ultra-portable. Perfect for on the go people.

Cons: Relatively slow, Keyboard is lacking in many ways.

MSRP: $1499.99(base price)

Sony VAIO TZ review: Ultra-slim Ultra-mobile laptop


The Sony VAIO TZ series, ultra-slim and ultra-mobile laptop,is a thoughtfully designed product for people on the move. Providing a 11.1″ display , and as slim a 1″, this ultra portable, ultra-mobile and ultra thin laptop offers superior mobility coupled with lengthy battery backup and easy to carry volume/weight ratio. All in all, the USP of this new little beauty is day-to-day PC performance anywhere any time. This laptop has a few flavor customized to range from corporate to casual to sturdy. The flavors varying in performance and storage start from Core2Duo processor U7500 (1.06GHz1) ranging to 1.33 GHz processors. All this with pre-installed with Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Business/XP Professional downgrade.

Build and Design

Sony VAIO TZ has a sleek and slim design that catches every eye with its glossy finish and wide choice of colors ranging from Handmade Bordeaux Red, Champagne Gold to Premium Carbon Fiber Black. For the viewer, the 11.1-inch LCD is state-of-the-art SONY Bright View Technology. Build to be elegant, thin and lightweight, the laptop re-defines mobile computing.


Owing to its ultra mobile mantra, expecting to have an enjoyable experience in watching action movies and heavy games would be asking for too much. The display, Sony’s own XBRITE-FullHD LCD technology is bright and ultra clear with true colors. The size is best relished by using it for what the machine is meant for. So, far as the mobile and business needs are concerned it’s a 10 on 10. But gaming, action movies and all that jazz is not a fair expectation only because of the processing limitation.

Keyboard and touchpad

Dust proof, clean square, flat, grid-channel layout keyboard of Sony VAIO TZ  are provided with cuboid keys. For the people, who haven’t used Sony VAIO before, it might take a while to get used to, but I think that it is a better product design since it is found to prevent over 80% from dust getting into the keyboard in comparison to others.

Touchpad of Sony VAIO TZ is very responsive with a good throughput, but less finger friendly for the men. The keyboard and the touchpad as a whole give you an impression, as if it’s just meant for the girls, who have smaller fingers and less rapid movement. For the ones with heavy fingers, the touchpad is a little small and running out of space could be frequent. But, it’s been designed to be small and mobile, making it a little less easy.

Performance and Benchmarks

Well the TZ series ranges from 1.06 GHz to 1.33 GHz, which according to latest standards are not very high. But given the fact that this beauty is not meant to be loaded with all the computation that requires heavy processing, Sony VAIO TZ stand true to its day-to-day business presentation. Like a true celebrity, it has a lot of elegance and beauty but can do only so much, limited by the Brain (CPU/Processor) speed. I personally think even Vista comes too heavy on it, but the 2GB RAM makes up for it.

Battery Life

My personal benchmarking method is to first just have the machine on and keep fiddling it not to let it hibernate or go to standby mode. Under this situation, it gave me a surprising 9 hours of battery backup!! Which I think is very good. Then second step charge the battery to full and run video and audio until the battery drains out fully. I ran AI by Steven Spielberg on a full volume, 2 times full and for 10 more minutes before the battery drained out.

All in all, Sony VAIO TZ’s a friendly machine meeting the major demand to be called a Mobile device.

Specifications of Sony VAIO TZ

Operating System: Pre-loaded Genuine Windows Vista Business (English Version)

Processor: Core2Duo Processor U7700 from Intel (1.33 GHz)

Optical Disc Drive: DVD±RW/±R DL/RAM Drive Maximum Reading Speed

Graphics: Graphics Accelerator Graphics Media Accelerator 950 from Intel

Display: Type 11.1″ (WXGA: 1366 x 768) TFT Color display

Bluetooth: Bluetooth standard Ver. 2.0+EDR Security

Camera: Front Side Camera Effective Pixels: 640×480

Audio: Sound Chip High Definition Audio compatible from Intel

Battery: Lithium-ion battery

Dimensions (WxHxD) : 277 x 22.5 – 29.8 x 198.2 mm Weight 1170 g (including battery)

MSRP: $2000 (base price)

Sony VAIO P Review: An Ultraportable laptop


Sony stunned the entire world by launching the VAIO P, an ultraportable laptop, at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show. This amazing ultraportable notebook is available with an 8-inch display that can easily fit inside the pocket of your jacket or purse. That’s not it. This notebook packs advanced technology inside a very small package.

Build & Design


Despite using the Atom processor from Intel, design of Sony VAIO P is somewhat unlike other netbook released till date. Its exterior has been covered in glossy plastics and has rounded edges, smooth lines and a style, which will make you to believe that the laptop is trying to balance luxury & utility in a small package. VIAO P can even be described as a part computer and part fashion accessory, as its neat look is supplemented with exciting features. You’ll find a glossy plastic on top of its screen cover and around its bottom. Matte silver plastic has been used around its keyboard and magnesium alloy is provided in the interior for extra support.

Keyboard & Touchpad


Most full-size, low-priced notebooks currently available in the market are provided with a poorly built keyboard, which has significant bounce/flex when pressure is applied. However, that is not the case with netbooks.

Keyboard on Sony VAIO P is less cramped than what you might have seen on a 7″-8.9″ netbooks. The keys on VAIO P have been given more spacing in between them. Thus, it is a little easier while using standard touch typing methods. It gives you the power to type for longer periods without any discomfort.


Touchpad is absent on VAIO P. Substituting the typical touchpad, it uses a trackpoint or touchpint pointing stick, which is found on many business grade notebooks. Touchpoint is easier to use and quite sensitive. The left and right buttons are positioned beneath the spacebar and have shallow feedbacks producing light clicks when pressed.



Glossy LED display on Sony VAIO P is excellent and vibrant with excellent contrast and rich colors. Even thought the screen is only 8-inch, it provided an unimaginable 1600×7800 resolution. For reducing the difficulty in reading small texts, the netbook has been provided with ‘magnify’ tool, which allows you to increase the size of words that you find difficult to read. The best part is that you do not have to change the resolution of the screen for that.

Horizontal viewing angles of Sony VAIO P are good, so there is no chance of you facing any trouble while watching the movie on the 8-inch screen of this laptop. However, while watching from vertical angles, colors might wash away from above.


To keep power consumption and temperature level of this notebook at the minimum level, Sony opted for 1.33GHz Atom Processor from Intel rather than 1.6Hz, which is common in most larger models. While it helps VAIO P in providing better battery life and avoiding it from overheating, the bottom line is that it turns out to be a weak processor. Provided with a 64 GB solid state drive and a 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 RAM, this netbook will give you best performance if you opt for Windows 7 as an operating system.


If taken for normal use, with backlight at 80%, typing documents on MS Word and using wireless for browsing, Sony VAIO P will manage to deliver 2 hours and 39 minutes when a 4-cell battery is used. If you have 6-cell battery, a battery life of slightly above 4 hours is expected, if you use the same settings.

Priced at $900, Sony VAIO P is a travel laptop worth every penny!

Specifications of Sony VAIO P

Processor: Z520 1.33-GHz Atom Processor from Intel

OS: Windows Vista Basic SP1 (32-bit)

Memory: 2GB 800MHz 2GB

Display: 8-inch LED (1600×768)

Hard drive: 64GB

Battery: 4-Cell Lithium Ion

Weight: 1 lb 4.8 oz

Dimensions: 9.65in x 4.72in x 0.78in

Pros: Lightest in its class, Quality in designing, Fantastic keyboard for its size

Cons: Expensive for Atom processor-based laptop, Weak Speaker

MSRP: $899.99 (Base Price)