Best Free Word Processor for Windows

The best free word processor for Windows will really depend on your specific situation and what you need. Here are a few possibilities.

Word Trial

Even though it’s only free temporarily, you can get a free trial of Microsoft Word that will allow you to do everything you want with the program. This is a good option if you just want to do something really quickly and the project you have is short and one-time.


Another interesting possibility for the best free word processor for Windows is Wordpad. This program allows you to do basic functions only, so if you need more complexity with your project it’s not exactly a great way to go. But for more simple methods it can often be quite ideal.


This is the go to free program for word processing. Some versions of it are actually open source, which means that you can modify the program however you want for your own needs. It has most of the same functions as professional programs like Microsoft Word. It has a basic spellcheck, though it’s often not quite as extensive as more professional programs. One plus with OpenOffice is that you can add additional packages as you need them. The program has an extensive community around it as many open source programs do, so there’s a good chance that any particular tool that you might need in a word processor could be developed essentially at any time. It’s just a matter of being patient enough to stick with it long enough until such a tool comes out. It may also simply be a matter of tracking down the tool you need online since it could very well be already available to you.
Overall, free programs are a great way to get simple tasks like word processing accomplished and you may not need the full professional program for that.