Childrens Laptops under $500

Laptops under $500 are more bountiful than some customers might initially think. It’s definitely worth a look to make sure that there’s nothing that falls within what you want before you give up and go for something better these days. For example, the accelerating nature of technology means that you’ll often end up with computers that are a year or two old but still very advanced. Hardware is almost always developing faster than software. Here are a few examples of children’s laptops under $500 that showcase this principle.


A good example children’s laptops under $500 is the Chromebook series. For example, the Acer C720 is a great computer for children. Generally, Chromebooks are good for this because there is generally less trouble that they could get into overall. This is because Chromebooks only run things on Chrome. It’s not possible to run other types of programs. If it’s not possible for children to run it, then it’s a lot safer than any strategy you might come up with to keep your children from accessing programs that will really cause damage.

Classmate PC

Another computer that tends to go a long way is the Classmate PC. This can be slightly over 500 depending on the store, but it’s under in some areas. Depending on the age of the child, it can be a great choice for younger people. It can convert from a laptop PC type to a straight up tablet, which makes it useful for many different types of work for children. After all, there are plenty of situations where a laptop might be too difficult to use. Additionally, children often prefer tablets because that’s what they’re growing up with and that’s what they’re familiar with. It’s what all of their friends have and it’s what they will likely prefer in the long run.