Asus M50vn Review: The Low Cost Gaming Laptop


With looks that can kill and a gaming performance that will delight the elite, the Asus M50vn is the perfect low cost gaming laptop. Though it may not have the charm of the Dell XPS series, it is still a must buy, especially if you want to buy a product on an affordable rate.

Build and Design

Upon touching he Asus M50vn,t you get a feeling that the entire laptop is made of plastic! However, if it is picked up from a corner, it feels solid and steady, which seems to be quite a paradox. The lid of the laptop has a reflective design similar to other products that are released these days.


What stands out in this laptop is its extremely crystal clear screen. The images displayed on the Asus M50vn have no grain, are bright, with perfect contrast and almost HD-like impressions! The display is also of the glossy type. Horizontal viewing angles are pretty good, so you can watch movies with your friends without any hassle. Vertically, it is pretty decent too and viewing from the top is much better than viewing from the bottom, so you may have a problem if the laptop is seated on a table that is above your line of sight. Another fantastic feature of this display is its automatically light sensor that adjusts the display settings like contrast and brightness automatically depending on the light that surrounds it. This enables superior viewing of movies and images in both good and bad light. This also prevents reflections from falling on the screen.

Moreover there are preset ambience settings that you can choose depending upon the application you are going to use, such as gaming, imaging, movie watching and power saving.

Keyboard & Touchpad

The keyboard of Asus M50vn feels a bit plastic, but is actually pretty strong when you use it. The touchpad, which is on the left on the other hand is extremely responsive. Like some other Asus laptops, it is also provided with a media centre panel that has various functions. The scroll side serves as a volume control device.

Performance and Benchmarks

The ASUS M50N has been tested with many current games and all of them worked just fine with its 2.4 GHz processor. It can support multi tasking with ease too. One annoying thing with this laptop is the sound of the fan can be heard quite easily, but the only consoling bit is that it does not go too high when being over clocked. Even at high performance levels, the sound is pretty ok to manage.  It stays put on your lap without slipping or sliding and the keyboard never gets hot. The temperature never goes more than 60 even if you over clock it to the limit using GPU software which is a very good thing to take note of.

Battery Life

It doesn’t seem that any special work has been put in to increase the battery life, but the laptop lasted a respectable 2 hours and 20 minutes in the battery test. The Asus M50 possesses a 4800 mAh battery, but you can also purchase an add-on battery or use low display settings, if you want to extend the battery life.

Specifications of Asus M50vn

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 / 2.4 GHz

OS: Windows Vista 32-bit

Memory: 4GB (2×2) DDR2

Display: 5.4″ WXGA+ (1440 x 900) glossy

Hard drive: 500GB 5400rpm

Battery: 6 Cell 4800mAh

Weight: 5.5 lbs (with battery)

Dimensions: 14.2″ x 10.5″ x 1.6″

Pros: Fantastic price for a well equipped gaming laptop, the feel of the laptop is quite wonderful

Cons: Not a very high end gaming laptop, Sound of the fan can be annoying

MSRP: $1,550 (basic price)

ASUS G71G-A1 Review: Powerful laptop for hardcore gamers


ASUS G71G-A1 is not only a dream machine for a gamer, but it also serves as a powerful laptop. The system has been tailor-made for fitting the requirements of the most demanding gamers. Even multi-taskers, who crave for flamboyant and unique aesthetics, will find this notebook to be perfect for them. Equipped with Intel Montevina processor, dual hard drive & 6GB memory and 9-series Nvidia dedicated graphics, G71G-A1 has been designed for ripping through games and advanced tools with considerable ease.

Build & Design



ASUS G71G-A1 is quite robust and has been considered amongst the top laptops, which the reputed maker has built. Although the finishing is similar to the G 50 series, its chassis has a more durable feel and flex is almost non-existent. Ports of the laptop have been perfectly positioned near its back. Again, hot air will not propel your hand, as the vent in this new model has been placed on the rear. OLED display, similar to the G50 models, on the keyboard will allow you to view battery life, CPU usage, MSN messages and email notifications.


The dual lamp, strikingly bright LCD screen of ASUS G71G-A1 is one of the most striking features of this laptop. Equipped with Everest’s AUO 2088 – B170UW02 V0, its panel boasts of a 400 cd/m2 brightness, which has a contrast ratio of 600:1. G71G-A1 has got exceptional horizontal viewing angles, which allows you to clearly view the screen from a considerable distance. However, its vertical and steeper angles provide average performance. Panel of the laptop has an insignificant leakage, which comes from the bottom. However, it is noticeable only on pitch-black backgrounds.


Sound quality of ASUS G71G-A1 is quite adequate, mainly due to the presence of 4-channel Altec Lansing speakers. However, speaker lacks proper bass. At maximum volume, its sound may get muffled up. If you wish to overcome these minor shortcomings, you only need to get an external speakers or headphones.

Keyboard & Touchpad

ASUS G71G-A1 is free from Keyboard lag, one area that has plagued most recent ASUS laptops. You will find using the keyboard very much pleasant, as it has very little flex. Its keys can provide you with typical travel, a common feature of most slim external keyboards. Again, there are no chances of any discomfort, even if you type for longer periods. Its touchpad, which has a matte finish, provides excellent response and your fingers can glide across it with ease.

Processor & Performance

Fueled by the T9400 2.54 GHz processor from Intel and 9800M GS graphics card from Nvidia, ASUS G71G-A1 is counted amongst the most powerful laptops in the market today. Apart from an excellent gaming performance, which is delivered by the 9800M GS, it can be an excellent replacement for a desktop or a multimedia system due to the presence of dual hard drives and 6 GB RAM. Although you (as an individual user) might not be able to fully utilize its 6 GB RAM, users running several virtual machines at a time are surely going to find it perfect for their operations.


The only drawback with ASUS G71G-A1 is that its battery life is way below expectation. On full charge and working on Vista, it only provided slightly beyond 1.5 hours when the users were listening to music on iTunes, surfing the web, word processing and downloading miscellaneous tools.

At $1,799, ASUS G71G-A1 is worth making an investment in spite of its poor battery life. As a gamer, if you are looking for a powerful laptop, the G71G series might just be ideal for you.

Specifications of ASUS G71G-A1

Processor: Core 2 Duo, T9400, 6MB L2 cache, 2.53 GHz & 1066 FSB from Intel

Graphics Card: GDDR3 9800M GS, 512MB from nVidia

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

Memory: 6GB 800 MHz DDR2

Display: 17.1-inch WUXGA display (1920×1200)

Hard drive: 500GB SATA 5400rpm

Optical Drive: 8XDVD/RW Double layer

Battery: 8-Cell 5200mAh

Weight: 8.5 lbs

Dimensions: 16.5in x 11.5in x 1.7in

Pros: Excellent Screen (with perfect contrast & viewing angles), Powerful system for demanding gamer and affordably priced

Cons: Poor battery life (1.5 hours on full load)

MSRP: $1,799