Best Free Online Student Courses

One of the best ways to get an education these days is to just do it yourself through various online courses that are free. Here are a few examples of the best free online student courses that you can find on various sites online.

MIT Courses

This site has free courses from places like MIT. Courses available here include the Electromagnetism II course available from MIT. There’s also a Genre Fiction Workshop course available here for free. You can get information about the course including assignment and student work, and places to download course materials. The course uses materials from places like Beyond Fantasy Fiction. It’s not exactly the same as getting a course from instructors at the college, but it’s about as close as you can get. An example of this course was taught in 2013 by Shariann Lewitt.

The Open University

Another example of a place that offers online courses for free is the Open University. Examples of free courses here include “Learning a Second Language” and courses on basic arithmetic, as well as ecology and ecosystems. The second language course is aimed at helping students understand how people learn additional languages. This can be very useful for people trying to get into TEFL. This course could be a good primer for people who want to teach English to other people as a living. This is because it’s often necessary to get a certificate before you start teaching. But the certificate class can be difficult and expensive, so it’s often the case that taking a free primer can help prepare you for the certificate class later.
In general, the best free online student courses will be the ones that prepare you for whatever you want to do with your life. The certificates and degrees may not always be free, but the preparatory courses can be.

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