Best Antivirus Software for Windows

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While there are a lot of antivirus programs available for purchase both online and in individual stores, it’s also true that you can get a lot of these programs completely free as well. Here are a few examples of the best antivirus software for Windows.


Some sites designate this software as “antimalware” instead of “antivirus” but it does much the same thing as an antivirus program and it’s not like there’s a clear line between a virus and a malware program. The point is that the program is completely free and it’s updated frequently. It has an extensive community behind it too, so you can post any of your questions online to get answers.


Another effective program for combatting bad programs that harm your computer is Spybot. There’s a premium version of this program, but it’s still completely functional all by itself. Spybot is also frequently updated, which is very important when it comes to programs of this sort. If the program isn’t updated nearly every day, then it will fall behind very fast and before long you’ll end up with a dangerous program on your computer simply because it’s new and the antivirus software you’re using wasn’t able to detect it. Another plus side to the Spybot program is that it has additional services that are helpful as well, such as a file shredder.


This program has extensive tools for many different contingencies. For example, it has free mobile security in addition to regular antivirus protocols for your PC. It has a “silent/gaming mode” which is useful for those who don’t want their antivirus program to interfere with their gaming experience or with other programs that they activate later. This can often be a problem since it’s not like other programs all check with each other to ensure compatibility.
Overall, the best antivirus software for Windows on your particular machine will depend on your exact needs.

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