ASUS U6S Laptop review: Portability at its best


Small, sexy and stylish, as you will see in this review, the Asus U6S laptop, which can be described as portability at its best, is as light as a feather and functions as easy as pie. People do not expect much performance from ultra-portables, but one use of the U6S should bury their doubts forever.

Build and design

The build of Asus U6S is ergonomical and very easy to use, causing no fingertip pain. It has a glossy cover with chocolate colored paint that will attract attention and yes, fingerprints. There is also a leather wrist pad that comes with the brown lid and is made of real cow leather. Wonder why they chose such an option knowing very well the animal rights activists can get on their backs?!


The Asus U6S boasts of a 12.1-inch display. When viewing the screen vertically, the resultant screen quality decreases. There you might have to adjust the screen angle according to your requirements. Horizontally, the viewing angle is perfect and you should not have any problem watching movies etc with a bunch of friends. One of the best features of this laptop is the use of an LED backlit for the screen, which uses 30% less energy when compared to the standard CCFL using laptops. This enhances the already inefficient battery life of the laptop making it a wee bit better.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Like mentioned above, the Asus U6S possesses a fantastic keyboard. When typing, the keys do not flex like other laptops which shows the superior build and quality of the U6S. The touchpad is also very user friendly. The only glitch in the touchpad is the stiffness of the selector buttons. You might need to be an iron man to press any of these buttons so purchasing a separate USB mouse is recommended.

Otherwise, the build of the Asus U6S is fantastic and the battery doesn’t rattle and make noises unlike other laptops. It looks solid and durable on the outside and if the user handles this laptop well, it can be with you for a long time.

Performance & Benchmarks
Don’t be deceived by its size, Asus U6S may be small but it is just as fast and as efficient as the fastest laptops. The laptop gave us speed results that were the same as the Dell XPS series laptops!

Regarding graphics, the test results showed optimum levels of effectiveness which is pretty decent considering its more style oriented. Just like any other ultraportable, you can play the odd high definition game or two and watch HD movies with no flickering frame rates on interference at all which is pretty neat.

Battery life

While testing the battery life of this laptop, Asus U6S showed pretty low levels of effectiveness lasting only 40 minutes with its 2400mAh battery. This made the CPU over clock continuously making the laptop heated. After that we decided to test it with an add-on battery of 7800mAh and therefore lasting for ninety minutes. This is okay but the only demerit is that the extra battery makes the ultraportable heavier and also juts out from the back.

Finally, in conclusion, the Asus U6S is the God of ultraportables! It looks goods, performs well, the only drawback being its battery life but it is easy to carry making it a fantastic buy for any user. It is bound to be a favorite of many in the years to come.

Specifications of the Asus U6S

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7500

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition

Memory: 2GB DDR2 667 memory

Display: 12.1 inch WXGA Color Shine LED Backlit Screen

Hard drive: 160GB 5400RPM SATA

Battery: 6-cell 4800mAh Battery

Weight: 3.46 pounds

Dimensions: 11.7″x 8.6″ x 0.9″-1.2″

Pros: Portability, good looks, performance.

Cons: Low battery life

MSRP: 2,800$ (base price)

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