ASUS N81Vp Laptop Review


ASUS N81Vp is the new 14.1″ multimedia laptop, which has been designed to handle everything a user can throw at it. Whether it’s decoding HD videos or playing the latest games, N81Vp performs the task with perfection. ASUS have packed with this notebook, a 4GB RAM along with a Core2Duo T9550 processor from Intel along with a 4650 Graphics Card from ATI having 1GB GDDR3 memory. The makers have not targeted any gaming market directly. Still if you look at the specs on hand, there is no reason why ASUS N81Vp cannot be counted amongst the high performing notebooks in 14.1″.

Build & Design


The ASUS N81Vp has got a very low key design, which makes it look classy from the outside.  The exterior of N81VP has been given a dark bronze and glossy black metallic paint finish with vertical broken-line pinstripe patterns. Inside, its color changes to ash-gold finish with similar pinstripe patterns on the palm rest and trimmed with chrome buttons on touchpad along with a black keyboard. Design is nice and appears similar to HP DV Series.

You will find the build quality to be above average with durable plastics that are used throughout their chassis. Fit and finish of the ASUS N81Vp is excellent and has no panel overhangs or rough edges. The chassis of the notebook is also very rigid with very little flex on the palm rest. Screen cover offers good protection and will show no ripples when you press your finger on the back of its LCD.


The 1366×768 16:9 ratio screen of the ASUS N81Vp is quite good when compared to similar size systems. It has an excellent contrast and color saturation features available from its glossy surface. You will find the backlight levels to be quite high and the bleed is also minimal around the ages. Screen of the N81Vp is usable even outdoors, till you are in shade for preventing it from the direct glare of the sun. Viewing angles are not flashy but average with screen quickly inverting at low angles and complete washout at higher angles. However, horizontal viewing angle is good and has minimum distortion.

Keyboard & Touchpad


Keyboard of ASUS N81Vp is a full-size one with no condensed key around its border. However, arrangement of the keys could have been better considering it is meant for high-end gaming. Function keys have been placed on the far left of the notebook taking the place of control button. Still, typing on this keyboard is comfortable, as little pressure is required for activating individual keys. Keys have matte finishing, which gives them a bit of traction when compared to the glossy key found on other laptops with similar features.


Large Synaptics touchpad of ASUS N81Vp is very responsive. You’ll find its sensitivity to be good after some adjustment. The matte surface texture is simple for gliding your fingers across, even if they are sweaty after a longer use. Touchpad buttons need a bit more pressure than others, which can get frustrating when working for prolonged hours.

Performance & Benchmarks

System performance, which you receive from the Core2Duo T9550 process of Intel and mobility Radeon 4650 of ATI, can be regarded well above the average when you consider a 14.1″ notebook. This system handles every modern game at native resolution. However, you will require tweaking the settings, if you wish to play Crysis on the ASUS N81Vp. Its 4GB RAM and 7200RPM Seagate drive allow the system to hum along with no hiccups and at a minimal load. Times for boot & shutdown are excellent and the speed is also visible in zippy installation of software to faster loading of the games.

Battery Life

Battery life of ASUS N81Vp is ordinary when compared to other 14″ laptops. However, not all of them have the T9550 processor or 4650 graphics card. It gives 2.5 hours of power when operated at full load.

Barring its shabby battery life, you will find no other reasons for not buying ASUS N81Vp. So get your piece at only $1,399 from your nearest store, today!

Specifications of ASUS N81Vp

Processor: 2.66-GHz T9550 processor from Intel 6MB L2 Cache & 1066MHz FSB

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit, SP1)

Memory: 4GB 800MHz PC2-6400

Display: 14.1-inch TFT with LED backlighting

Hard drive: 320GB

Battery: 6-Cell 11.1v

Weight: 5lbs 11.1 oz

Dimensions: 13.5in x 10.1in x 1.6in

Pros: Faster Processor, Excellent Build Quality

Cons: Battery Life is poor

MSRP: $1,399 (Base Price)


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