ASUS M70Vn Review: A Laptop That’s Big on Storage!


You won’t need the Recycle Bin or the Delete key with the ASUS M70Vn, as it is with one Terabyte memory, which means a laptop that’s big on storage! Add to that an amazing battery life and the ASUS M70Vn becomes your perfect desktop replacement.

Build & Design

The M70 named after a European road has a 16.1-inch wide display that will look huge no matter where you put it! ASUS M70Vn is larger than many multimedia focused laptops like the HP pavilion but is also a tad bit smaller than the Acer Aspire series that has an 18-inch display. It weighs a solid 8.8 pounds, very far from being an ultra-portable and therefore will not be going anywhere from your home. Going by its look, the M70 should easily merge in your living room or bedroom that has other consumer electronics because it’s purposely built in such a way. Moreover, M70Vn still looks a classy laptop with its black top that girls would adore for its reflective surface and a gray keyboard that complements it effectively.


Boasting a 17.1-inch screen and a fantastic resolution, the ASUS M70Vn is a viewer’s treat! What is best about the display of the M70 is the automatic light sensor that changes the brightness of the display automatically depending on the surrounding light. Moreover, like in many Asus laptops, a button called the Splendid button automatically adjusts various display settings depending on the application that is being run. From movies, to games, pictures to videos, the Splendid button automatically optimizes the display for superior viewing performance.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Since this is a desktop replacement, the M70 has a fully equipped keyboard with a numeric keypad to the right. There are four special buttons that sit above the board that is used for various media functionality. Otherwise, it looks like a simple bland keyboard except the fingerprint reader that is between the touchpad.

Above the touchpad, lies a Mode button that can switch your M70 into a neat media control panel. When you are in normal mode, the touchpad is dark grey in color but once you shift to the media mode, several glowing buttons that are white show various functions such as pause/play, rewind and forward. The scroll portion of the touchpad becomes a very useful volume control button. The best thing to do is to get an external mouse and keep the touchpad in multimedia mode forever.

Performance & Benchmarks

Testing the laptop based on Multi tasking abilities for multimedia, the M70 gave results that were as good as other desktop replacements that has a focus on entertainment. On the RAM test, the M70 did not do as well as other desktop replacements but the difference is only marginal. Like mentioned before, this isn’t exactly a gaming machine as can be proved with the results we got while playing Unreal Tournament. The frame rates were decent, but nothing compared to the Gateway P-172X FX.

Battery life

One thing that clearly stood out from the laptop was its unbelievable battery life!  It lasts nearly 2 and half hours during full battery loading, and is surely a boom if you find yourself traveling and working. Asus has truly outdone itself here, no one really expects fantastic battery performance with a wide screen display and multimedia capabilities!

Specifications of ASUS M70Vn

Processor: Core2Duo T9300 / 2.5 GHz from Intel

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Memory: 4GB DDR2 SDRAM – 667 MHz

Display: 17-in TFT active matrix

Hard drive: Two 250 GB – Serial ATA-150 – 5400 rpm

Battery: 8-cell Lithium ion

Weight: 8.4 lbs

Dimensions: W = 16.1 in, D= 11.7 in, H = 1.5 in

Pros: Lots and lots of hard disk space, HD compliance, fantastic battery life

Cons: Heavy and big, No remote for media center

MSRP: $1,449.99

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