ASUS M51Vr Review: Best Bet in Multimedia Laptop


This review deals with the latest offering from Taiwaneese notebook maker ASUS: the ASUS M51Vr, your best bet in multimedia laptop! It is a complete multimedia notebook targeted at the student’s segment of the market.

Build & Design

The ASUS M51Vr doesn’t lose points for the style or the looks department. It has a nice smooth finish and has various connectivity ports around it. It has the ASSUS logo inscribed on the top and the back panel consists of a big lid, which houses the CPU and the RAM modules. The rotatable webcam is practical for use and features like these which improve the overall look and feel of the product. It however loses ground on the build part thanks to its fragile design and it might not withstand a blow or two. The sturdiness of the model leaves very much in wanting.


The size of the display in ASUS M51Vr is 15.4 inches and has a WXGA+ resolution of 1440 x 900. The screen is of good quality, but its glare may prove to be a negative factor since it is found irritating after a period of continuous working. The webcam is also appropriately placed on the top of the display with maximum functionality. It has a 1.3-megapixel lens and also equipped with two microphones, which come in handy for recording sound. It has been designed in such a way to increase the style quotient of the notebook.

Keyboard & Touchpad

The keyboard of ASUS M51Vr is of the conventional type with the number keys grouped on the right. Other models usually have their keys placed in a line causing inconvenience. The keyboard is easy to type and is flexible. The touchpad is custom made and has been designed keeping in mind the requirements expected from a multimedia notebook. Touchpad consists of the usual left and right click buttons below the touch pad. This model comes with a fingerprint reader, which is very useful for logging on of users and also as a password. The touchpad is sensitive and the buttons are sensitive for a little force itself.

Performance & Benchmarks

This model doesn’t let down in the performance department, as it is fairly quick compared to other models. ASUS M51Vr has a boot time of 57 seconds, which may be termed average in the notebook market. It has problems when run with Microsoft aero technology. The gaming experience of this laptop is fair and it gives better results with lower settings than the highest settings possible!

Battery Life

The battery life of ASUS M51Vr averages around 2 and a half hour. This is far lesser than the other competitive models in the market. This may not be taken into account, since it is primarily a multimedia notebook and is not suitable for long time users like businessmen.

ASUS M51Vr is a good choice, if the buyer wants to go for the best returns for money. Its mouse/bag bundle offer is also an added attraction. This laptop is primarily for the user whose main priorities with respect to laptops are multimedia performance and value for money.

Specifications of ASUS M51Vr

Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2 GHz P7350 3 MB Cache – 25 Watt

OS: All windows Operating systems from Win 9x to Microsoft Vista Home, Microsoft Vista professional

Memory: 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM – 800 MHz

Display: 15.4″ WXGA 1440 x 900

Hard drive: 320 GB Serial ATA-150 – 5400 RPM

Battery: 6 cell lithium battery – 4800 mAh

Weight: 3 kg

Dimensions: 365 x 269 x 28 – 40.5 mm

Pros: Blue-Ray device is included with the notebook, numerous connectivity ports, complete Multimedia capability especially for student market, performance is good in its segment of laptops in the market

Cons: Excessive noise levels from the fan, fragile build and lack of sturdiness, brightness and glare of display

MSRP: $1490 (base price)

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