ASUS G71V Review: Well-equipped fast laptop


Read the ASUS G71V review below to find out how to get the perfect desktop replaceable well-equipped fast laptop! The ASUS G71V laptop has the most expensive configuration and makes use of the quad core processor that is designed for machines that are portable. It has a memory that is really good and about 1TB of the total disk space. It also is fitted with a high-end graphic card and a blue ray combo drive. It is an ideal notebook for gamming and also for movie playback and many more activities!

Build & Design

Coming to the design aspects of this note book, we find that the ASUS G71V is really ugly and has no aesthetic features about it that make it look appealing to the human eye. When you lift open the cover of this note book you will be looking into glossy plastic that is black in color and all over the keyboard. It also has a carbon fiber effect for the wrist and a red glossy finish that interweaves these two layers.  This is probably the only plus here.


This notebook is not very huge and measures up to a size of 10 inches. Though the size of the screen is small, ASUS G71V has a fairly good screen resolution.

Keyboard and touch pad

When you do think of a gamming laptop you are sure to think of the huge number of LED flashing lights that may appear on the note book. When you look at the ASUS G71V you are sure to get a shock as it has only two strips of LEDS on either side of the lid that run vertically. There is one framing the track pad of the mouse and yet another illuminating the front of this note book.

Performance and benchmarks

One of the biggest selling points of this fascinating note book is the quad core CPU. ASUS G71V makes use of an Intel core 2 extreme Q9300, one of the first four core CPUs designed especially for notebooks. Two dual cores are put together to form this quad core. One thing that the laptop compromises on is the 6MB of L2 cache memory instead of the 12MB that is found on most of the top end desktop core quad processors.

The ASUS G71V has a 3GB of high-speed DDR3 1366MHz memory. This is really good as many other manufactures go in for slower DDR2 with lesser memory in machines that are pitched for the high performance market. The G71V does not disappoint you in the department of graphics either. It makes use of the very potent GeForce of NVIDIA 9700M GT graphics card.

At the time when it was released the ASUS G71V was one of the fastest laptops that you could get your hands on. Despite it not having a dual graphic card it has got a really good score.

Battery life

The battery life is not the strong point on this note book but this doesn’t come in as a shocker as it is one of the notebooks that is designed especially for high performance gaming.

This 17-inch laptop that is designed for gaming with a quad core CPU is really fast and also well equipped. ASUS G71V does stream line the devices look but it is quite a hassle to handle it as it might break eventually when you keep opening and closing it.

Specifications of ASUS G71V:

Processor: quad core Intel extreme Q9300

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Memory space: 1TB

Display: 1920×1200 pixels maximum

Battery technology: Li-ion, Size: 17 inches

Graphics processor: Nvidia GeForce 9700M GT

Memory speed: DDR3 1366MHz

Cache: 6MB of L2 memory

Pros: Device works unbeleivably fast, owing to its quad core CPU technology. Good screen Resolution for the small size.

Cons: Laptop does not look great, unnecessary provision of flaps that complicates handling

Price: $1,574

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