ASUS G50Vt Review: Gaming Laptop you must have


The Asus G50Vt is a gaming laptop you must have. As you will notice from this review, it has rolled up an array of hardware into a simple package, which is bulky but not expensive at all. The style of this laptop may not interest everyone but the life of its battery and the wall adapter along with the usable umbilical cord makes it available at a very affordable price.

The Asus G50Vt is available only in one configuration. It has a XGA display with a size of about 15.6 inches. The RAM size is 512MB and it has a 9800M GS graphic card that is driven by NVIDIA’s GeForce. It makes use of an Intel centrino 2 duo mobile processor of 2.26GHz. You also have a 320 GB hard drive and a 4GB of PC-5300 DDR2 RAM.

Build & Design

When you actually feel the size of the notebook, you think that this is some ancient model of the Asus. Asus G50Vt weighs about 7.3 pounds and is 1.6 inches thick. This book is designed especially for gamming. Though you do expect the notebook to be big, no one does expect to see this size. The outer design looks pretty interesting, but one wonders will it would last after a few months? A gaming laptop is definitely going to be subjected to a lot of pressure! LED lighting is plastered all over the notebook case. The badge of the lid, the sides and also the indicators above the keyboard are all lit up. This includes the rim of the touch pad also.

Performance & Benchmarks

When it comes to transfer of data, you cannot expect Asus G50Vt to do much. It has quite an impressive curriculum vitae of four USB 2 ports, 1394 Fire Wire, Ethernet, HDMI, SD/MMC card reader, VGA, input and output S/PDIF ports and a connector for external Wi-Fi.
Though the price of the Asus G50Vt is low and many do expect it not to work too well, this notebook is an exception. This G50Vt works extraordinarily well in gaming scenarios. It works really well for the cause it is designed for, so you really can’t test this laptop stringently for other functionalities – that would just make you look greedy!

The quality of sound is quite good for games, the clips on you tube and also for the windows sound effects. However, you might need a pair of headphones when it comes to moves and extended music.

Battery life

When the machine is running on full bore, Asus G50Vt acts like a battery hog you can get only about forty five minutes while playing games, the lights blinking and the level of performance set to the maximum. Asus does provide utilities to turn down the notebooks excess but the rear badge still lights up even when it is on the power saving mode. The light bar, the blue strip that runs around the touch pad also are lighted up when the system is on this mode. The time that the battery lasts for some how does not seem very impressive for a notebook of this sort. Even recharging the battery is not an easy task. You can store only up to one point of charge for every two minutes that the notebook is being charged.

The notebook is priced at $1250 with a unique look, stellar connectivity, screaming performance and a convenient secondary display. Nevertheless, Asus G50Vt does lack on the quality of sound. It has an awful battery life, loud styling and is extremely bulky.

Specifications of ASUS G50T

Processor: Intel core 2 duo T9400 2.8 to 2 GHz, 1066MHz, 6/3MB on a die L2 cache

Operating system:
Windows vista

Main memory
: 4GB

15.4 inches WSXGA plus color shine

Battery pack and life: 6 cells – 4800mAh, 9 CELLS – 7200mAh

Video graphics and memory: NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS External 1024MB GDDR3 VRAM

Hard drive: Dual HDD, single HDD

Optical drive:
5.25 inches and 12.7mm

MSRP: $1,250 (base price)

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