ASUS F6Ve Review


The ASUS F6Ve is amongst the fastest laptop released by ASUS till date and has been equipped with a processor2.66GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9550 and ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 graphics card into a 13.3″ chassis. It is not gaming desktop and a bit outdated in design, but a fast one for running many applications, compressing music files and video ones.

Build & Design

The ASUS F6Ve design is old-fashioned, as you might not be expecting from ASUS. The F6Ve has a lustrous tinted lid with a Spirograph-type pattern that is hardly noticeable. The palm rest is made up of plastic, which gives it a cheap look and the keys are non-lustrous. The machine has a high performance, but the build it has doesn’t support its performance. It is made up of plastic smart, which makes noise. The whole chassis is made of plastic, which makes it unappealing and unattractive. This build up is not what you may desire in a desktop with high caliber.


The ASUS F6Ve has 13.3″ WXGA Glossy LCD display, which is quite average when you consider other products of similar range. It uses the old screen format 16:10. Even though the panel is shiny but not very much reflective so reflection are less and so you have fewer glare shining back at you. The display quality is average, with sharp and exciting colors, which is common for shiny displays. When you take a view by a vertical angle, you can view few sweet spots before the colors starts to fade whereas horizontal viewing angles are far superior as the colors do not fade away even at steep angles.

Keyboard & Touchpad

The ASUS F6Ve has a full-size keyboard, but lacks multimedia keys. The keys on the right side of the keyboard are shrunken, so that the page navigation keys can fit well. It is quite comfortable to type on and it reacts by giving a smooth clicked when pressed. However, at certain times, keyboard is not good, as it produces some bend feeling while typing. The touchpad the F6Ve is from Synaptics, which is comfortable for you to use with no pause while using. The buttons are positioned so well that you will have no problem to trigger and it reacts by producing mild click. A force has to be applied to trigger.

Performance & Benchmarks

The ASUS F6Ve performance is good and it is power driven byIntel 2.66 GHz T9550 processor and ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 graphics card, which work very fast. If you desire an affordable notebook for gaming, then this 13.3″ notebook is a good bet, as it has been designed to run many applications at the same time. It is a best in terms of features, but there is a lot of scope for improvement.


The battery performance of ASUS F6Ve was quite dissatisfactory. The battery lasted for only 2 hours and 56 minutes, which is quite low. However, considering the fast processor and video card, you can accept the available battery life.

If the design and look can be made more attractive, then ASUS F6V will surely have a good response in the market.

Specifications of ASUS F6Ve:

Processor: 2.66GHz T9550 Core2Duo Processor from Intel

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

Memory: 4GB DDR2 800 SDRAM

Display: 13.3″ WXGA Glossy LCD

Hard Drive: 320GB Serial ATA hard disk drive (5400RPM)

Weight: 4lbs 14oz with battery, 5lbs 12oz travel weight

Dimensions: 12.2″ x 9″ x 1.2-1.4″

Pros: The performance is good, a nice keyboard

Cons: The design is outdated, build and design is not of high quality, which gives it a cheap look that doesn’t go as per its price.

MSRP: $1,299.99 (base price)

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