Best Free Word Processor for Windows


The best free word processor for Windows will really depend on your specific situation and what you need. Here are a few possibilities.

Word Trial

Even though it’s only free temporarily, you can get a free trial of Microsoft Word that will allow you to do everything you want with the program. This is a good option if you just want to do something really quickly and the project you have is short and one-time.


Another interesting possibility for the best free word processor for Windows is Wordpad. This program allows you to do basic functions only, so if you need more complexity with your project it’s not exactly a great way to go. But for more simple methods it can often be quite ideal.


This is the go to free program for word processing. Some versions of it are actually open source, which means that you can modify the program however you want for your own needs. It has most of the same functions as professional programs like Microsoft Word. It has a basic spellcheck, though it’s often not quite as extensive as more professional programs. One plus with OpenOffice is that you can add additional packages as you need them. The program has an extensive community around it as many open source programs do, so there’s a good chance that any particular tool that you might need in a word processor could be developed essentially at any time. It’s just a matter of being patient enough to stick with it long enough until such a tool comes out. It may also simply be a matter of tracking down the tool you need online since it could very well be already available to you.
Overall, free programs are a great way to get simple tasks like word processing accomplished and you may not need the full professional program for that.

Best Free Online Student Courses


One of the best ways to get an education these days is to just do it yourself through various online courses that are free. Here are a few examples of the best free online student courses that you can find on various sites online.

MIT Courses

This site has free courses from places like MIT. Courses available here include the Electromagnetism II course available from MIT. There’s also a Genre Fiction Workshop course available here for free. You can get information about the course including assignment and student work, and places to download course materials. The course uses materials from places like Beyond Fantasy Fiction. It’s not exactly the same as getting a course from instructors at the college, but it’s about as close as you can get. An example of this course was taught in 2013 by Shariann Lewitt.

The Open University

Another example of a place that offers online courses for free is the Open University. Examples of free courses here include “Learning a Second Language” and courses on basic arithmetic, as well as ecology and ecosystems. The second language course is aimed at helping students understand how people learn additional languages. This can be very useful for people trying to get into TEFL. This course could be a good primer for people who want to teach English to other people as a living. This is because it’s often necessary to get a certificate before you start teaching. But the certificate class can be difficult and expensive, so it’s often the case that taking a free primer can help prepare you for the certificate class later.
In general, the best free online student courses will be the ones that prepare you for whatever you want to do with your life. The certificates and degrees may not always be free, but the preparatory courses can be.

Best Antivirus Software for Windows

download (7)

download (7)

While there are a lot of antivirus programs available for purchase both online and in individual stores, it’s also true that you can get a lot of these programs completely free as well. Here are a few examples of the best antivirus software for Windows.


Some sites designate this software as “antimalware” instead of “antivirus” but it does much the same thing as an antivirus program and it’s not like there’s a clear line between a virus and a malware program. The point is that the program is completely free and it’s updated frequently. It has an extensive community behind it too, so you can post any of your questions online to get answers.


Another effective program for combatting bad programs that harm your computer is Spybot. There’s a premium version of this program, but it’s still completely functional all by itself. Spybot is also frequently updated, which is very important when it comes to programs of this sort. If the program isn’t updated nearly every day, then it will fall behind very fast and before long you’ll end up with a dangerous program on your computer simply because it’s new and the antivirus software you’re using wasn’t able to detect it. Another plus side to the Spybot program is that it has additional services that are helpful as well, such as a file shredder.


This program has extensive tools for many different contingencies. For example, it has free mobile security in addition to regular antivirus protocols for your PC. It has a “silent/gaming mode” which is useful for those who don’t want their antivirus program to interfere with their gaming experience or with other programs that they activate later. This can often be a problem since it’s not like other programs all check with each other to ensure compatibility.
Overall, the best antivirus software for Windows on your particular machine will depend on your exact needs.

The Best Toshiba Laptops For Under $500


When it comes to buying a laptop you need to balance what you need from the product with a reasonable price. For non-specific laptops such as those provided by Toshiba, the tipping point between functionality and price agreed on be most leading publishers is just about five hundred dollars. Here we will take a look at a few of the best laptops for under five hundred dollars.

1. Toshiba Satelite: C55-A5105:

This is one of the most basic laptops offered by Toshiba. It runs the impressive Windows 8 operating system and features a fifteen inch screen display. It also has an Intel Celeron processor and four gigabytes of memory, which makes this a great deal at an average retail price of just $250. Do not count on this laptop to run top-of-the-line games, but it should serve any other needs.

2. Toshiba Tecra: A50- ASNBM22:

While Toshiba laptops are built for general usage, the Tecra lineup is all about making sure that you have an optimized business experience. It features a dual core Intel processor , five hundred gigabytes of storage, six gigabytes of memory, and runs the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. The screen display is fifteen inches wide, making it an attractive and highly desirable choice at only $499.

3. Toshiba Satelite: C55DTA5148:

In terms of Toshiba brand laptops that are under five hundred dollars, this one is absolutely the pinnacle of their creative ability. It is one of the first touch screen laptops that Toshiba has ever marketed, and comes equipped with its own HDMI output. While this is impressive for a lower-end machine, the interior qualities are what sets this apart from all of the others. It has a AMD-A4 Series processor, which ensures that you will have no problem running any necessary software. It comes with a massive seven hundred and fifty gigabyte hard drive, which will suit any of your storage needs. All of this is presented on a 15.6″ screen that is fully integrated with touch sensitive technology. Considering its price at $489, this laptop is an absolute wonder.

While any of these laptops would make a fine addition to your home or business technology setup, the fact that these Toshiba laptops are under five hundred dollars is simply remarkable. From the top of the line to the most basic, these laptops show a wide variety of options available to someone who is conscious of both price and quality.

How To Find A Budget Friendly Business Laptop


When it comes to new technology, especially computers, it seems that all we typically hear about are the latest, greatest, fastest, and let’s face it, most expensive. Many of us, however, do not have all of the money in the world and are simply looking for a reliable, no-frills, business laptop. If you are looking for business laptops under $500, there are several features that you can consider dropping from your system in order to drastically reduce the cost.

The first thing that you can sacrifice to reduce computer cost is portability. Sure sleek and tiny can be convenient, but if you’re willing to put up with a little extra bulk it can save you major bucks. The smaller the computer, the more sophisticated the technology; thus the more money it will cost you.

Secondly, if you are purchasing a computer primarily for business or work purposes, there is no need for gaming capabilities. Games require a lot of memory and complex graphics. Both of which, you guessed it, add to the cost of a computer.

Lastly, if you are really willing to go out on a limb to reduce the cost of your computer, you can consider forgoing the Windows operating system all together. A computer’s operating systems adds significantly to it’s cost, and while it may seem unconventional, there are several computers that have managed to negate the need for an operating system all together. For example, Google Chrome’s operating system operates completely in an online cloud. So, as long as you have a steady Internet connection this can be a great option that will help you save a lot of money.

The moral of the story is that there are business laptops for under $500 on the market. If you can look past the latest tech-savvy trends and focus on functional you’ll find that there are many great computers to choose from, and all within your price range.

Gaming Laptops Under $500


So, you are a gamer on a budget. I understand completely, trust me. But what is one to do? Aside from penny pinching and sitting at home bored, what you need to do is find a gaming system that fits into your budget. High end gaming equipment can run upwards of thousands of dollars and most laptops are $500 to $1000. That doesn’t exactly work when you are on a ramen noodle every night kind of budget. So let’s take a look at the top five gaming laptops for under $500.

1) Hp Pavilion G7-2240us
2) Acer Aspire V3-551-8469
3) Asus K55N 16.6″ Radeonn 7640G/A8-4500M 768p screen
4) Lenovo IdeaPad Z580
5) HP Envy dv-7210us

Now you are set. You tightened your belt a little bit and made room in your life for a brand new, affordable gaming laptop. Now that that is out of the way, you have to figure out what your new piece of equipment can do. You do not want to find out the hard way that your laptop is going to freeze up on you every time you try to play your favorite online game. Here is my list of the best games for laptops under $500.

  • 1) War Craft III
  • 2) Red Alert 2
  • 3) Darklands
  • 4) Amiga Emulator for The Settlers, Speedball II
  • 5) MAME Arcade emulator
  • 6) Vice City
  • 7) Half-Life 2
  • 8) Carmageddon I / II
  • 9) Trackmania
  • 10) X-COM series
  • 11) Bloodrayne I / II
  • 12) Audiosurf
  • 13) Madballs
  • 14) The Secret of Monkey Island
  • 15) Counter Strike / CS:S

So there you go. The best games for laptops under $500. The key thing you want to ensure when shopping around for a laptop is that it comes with a dedicated graphics chipset. If you’re playing older games or casual games on your laptop, and it has an integrated graphics chipset, it should play just fine. But if you are planning on doing some high-speed gaming, make sure your computer has a Radeon HD chipset with designation “M’, either 700M or 800M series.
Happy gaming!

Dell Laptops Under $500


Dell is a leader in the computer industry for a very specific reason. They manufacturer an excellent line of computer desktops and laptops that are very reliable and durable. A few of the top name brand computers are very expensive. On the other hand, Dell laptops under $500 are readily available. The laptops are easy to find on auction sites and discounts sites that are found all over the Internet. Let’s take a look at a few of the top models to consider.

First, let’s take a look at the Dell Latitude E6410 i5, This is a great laptop replacement or replacement for an older model desktop computer. This laptop has a number of very impressive features for handling all those daily computer activities, surfing the Internet, or connecting with social media friends. Other impressive features include 4 GB Ram, 160 GB hard drive, DVD drive and plenty of connectivity.

Are you searching for lots of computer power at an affordable price? Well, consider the Dell Latitude E6400. This beauty has a 80 GB hard drive, 2 GB Ram, and a 14.1 inch screen to view all those documents and graphics in style. This laptop is perfect for the student or the home user looking to upgrade. This model includes a DVD drive and only weighs 4.4 pounds. Those are impressive features because many newer model laptops are not equipped with a DVD drive and weigh more.

There is plenty to admire about the Dell laptops under $500 like the Dell E5420 Intel Core i5 model. The fast processor is very impressive. This will give the model the type of computer power to process all those computer tasks. The model is also equipped with a 250 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM. The 14 inch screen provides easy viewing. This is an exceptional Dell laptop that is sure to please the student or the casual computer user. Other impressive features include networking, DVD drive, plenty of connectivity, WiFi, and the laptop only weighs 5.0 pounds.

Childrens Laptops under $500

Laptops under $500 are more bountiful than some customers might initially think. It’s definitely worth a look to make sure that there’s nothing that falls within what you want before you give up and go for something better these days. For example, the accelerating nature of technology means that you’ll often end up with computers that are a year or two old but still very advanced. Hardware is almost always developing faster than software. Here are a few examples of children’s laptops under $500 that showcase this principle.


A good example children’s laptops under $500 is the Chromebook series. For example, the Acer C720 is a great computer for children. Generally, Chromebooks are good for this because there is generally less trouble that they could get into overall. This is because Chromebooks only run things on Chrome. It’s not possible to run other types of programs. If it’s not possible for children to run it, then it’s a lot safer than any strategy you might come up with to keep your children from accessing programs that will really cause damage.

Classmate PC

Another computer that tends to go a long way is the Classmate PC. This can be slightly over 500 depending on the store, but it’s under in some areas. Depending on the age of the child, it can be a great choice for younger people. It can convert from a laptop PC type to a straight up tablet, which makes it useful for many different types of work for children. After all, there are plenty of situations where a laptop might be too difficult to use. Additionally, children often prefer tablets because that’s what they’re growing up with and that’s what they’re familiar with. It’s what all of their friends have and it’s what they will likely prefer in the long run.

Get yourself a Windows 7 laptop under $500


8to7_primary-100013616-galleryLaptops have become an essential part of our day to day lives. Students use laptops for learning, that is, they use it for research via the internet, to store their documents, do their research… a good number of the working class use laptops to do their work out of office and most of us use our laptops for communication via the social network or even Skype. This has made life easier. For you can do just about anything from the comfort of your house using your laptop. The only problem with laptops is that they are perceived to be quite expensive. Most people associate performing laptops with very high prices. This is not true.

It is because of this that most people do not buy laptops. Not that they don’t need them, they do not buy them because they think that the laptops the will get with the little money they have will not have the feature they want. Well, I have news for you. There are windows seven laptops that go for $500 or even less.


Top resources:

They have the features you have been looking for and come in different designs, colors and brands. All you have to do is get in touch with the store that sells that brand and design of your choice and ask for window 7 laptops that are sold for $500 or less. The beauty of buying a laptop today is that you can do it online. Just visit the websites of different laptop vendors and buy from them. You can also look at the brands available, check the features you want and then buy it from your favorite stores.Just like buying any other computer, it is important to know the kind of features you want your laptop to have. If you have no idea of the features you want, ask the technicians in the store to assist you. Tell them the work you intend to do with your laptop and they will be able to assist you in the best way possible.When out looking for the best brilliant window 7 laptops that for $500 or less your will need to look out for the following brands

  • The amazing lenovo think pad edge E54520B20011US 15.6-Inch laptop
  • Toshiba satellite C55-A5245 15.6-Inch laptop
  • Levono B590 windows 7pentium 15.6-Inch laptop
  • Levono B590 windows 7i3 15.6-Inch laptop
  • Acer aspire V5-131-2629 11.6 Laptop
  • Dell computer inspiron Il5RV-3818BLK 15.6- inch laptop

These brands mentioned above are of top high quality laptops and come with so many amazing features, that make the so much worth yet at a so pocket friendly cost. The main feature one would look for in Window 7 laptops under $500 would be the operational and storage capacity, and also the appearance, this are the main things that count for any laptop. However since they have already have the most recent windows 7, there is nothing to be worried about, given that it support most software’s and its very flexible and easy to use. So now you can enjoy a lovely Window 7 laptop under $500.

Student Laptops under $500


Some students need extra help in order to be successful in school. One way that parents can assist their children in their studies is providing them with student laptops under $500. There are a variety of laptop PCs that school aged and college level pupils can use in order to excell in their class.
The HP Pavillion touchsmart 11 is priced at $379 and it can be set up with apps that provides students with help in their studies. The unit has a touchscreen and a portable keyboard which offers users flexibility and convenience.
The HP Touchsmart 15 is a huge and powerful laptop machine but it does pack power, size and lots of features. While this laptop model is probably best suited for jocks and athletes (it’s heavy) it has the ability to outperform other units its class. The HP Touchsmart has a 750 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM. This amount of power and space will last students for many years to come. As a matter of fact this laptop PC can be passed down or used by siblings all throughout their school careers. It comes with a touchscreen and users can download apps which will give them more tools for solving problems and completing assignments. Parents will have to pay $479 if they want this machine for their children.
Apple is known for its mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and not necessarily its laptop PCs. Even though this is the case, Apple provides student laptops under $500 to consumers who are willing to buy these highly productive machines. MacBooks are solid laptop devices that can be purchased for about $400. Some of these machines have touchscreens and some are hybrid model units. This means that users can covert their laptops into tablets. Users are able to use their MacBooks to access the Apple Store in order to purchase the best educational apps on the market. MacBooks are great products with great features that will help students to reach their potential.

Other companies such as Acer and Dell also provide great laptops for students that cost between $250 and $400. Parents and students can purchase these units and use them to help with their homework. Student laptops under $500 are available for purchase and they can definitely help high school and college students to succeed.